Would You Ask Your Plumber to Fix Your Electricity?

Jubi, a handsome Paso Fino horse, was curious and open about the Reiki session I was offering.  As I approached him, introduced myself and shared with him what I was offering he tentatively let me touch and talk with him.  One eye or ear was always paying close attention to this new person in his stall.

His human companion had worked the better part of a year to help him overcome past training, physical, mental, and emotional issues.  Reiki was something she felt would benefit him at this time, and she was right.  It wasn’t long before he understood what this Reiki stuff was all about and relaxed into the session. 

During the session I asked him if he’d found benefit in the various therapies and professionals who had been out to work with him.  Clear as day I heard a response that was right to the point – “You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your electricity would you?”  This direct answer made me laugh and realize the wisdom behind it.

Jubi’s reply prompted further reflection later that day.  When we build a house we need plumbing and electricity, yet most likely we wouldn’t ask one professional to do both jobs.  How often do we set ourselves up for failure or mediocre results by taking a single prong approach to something? 

Where in your life is it time to seek assistance from someone with the right experience or knowledge?  How might things that seem stuck, broken, or unfixable suddenly move forward, mend, and be better than expected when the right knowledge/experience is applied?  What can you do today to connect with the right resource to help you move forward?

Would you like to learn Animal Reiki or how to communicate with animals?  Join us at Fire Horse Ranch in December for an Animal Reiki Class on December 1st (pre-requisite:  Reiki Level I)  and/or an Animal Communications – Getting Started class on December 15th.

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