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You're life is filled with experiences, emotions, and memories. You've lived some of your dreams, with others still on the horizon. Your dreams, goals, and desires are before you; waiting for you to make the next move. And you've decided that NOW is the time to answer the deeper call of your soul!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more
painful than the risk it took to bloom." ~Anias Nin

The call to create significant, meaningful, and empowering experiences in your life continues to grow louder over time. Perhaps you know exactly what these experiences are, or maybe they are unclear. At Fire Horse Ranch, through the synergy of horses, nature, and your natural energy you'll discover the answers you seek. You'll uncover beliefs, habits, emotions and feelings that may be holding you back, transforming them into the fuel that moves your forward. You'll embrace the courage, strength and confidence that exists at the very core of your Being. You'll create new heartset and mindset, that are aligned together, to move forward with clarity, vision, and courage.

It's time to create with clear focus and intention. To experience a deeper journey. A journey into your greatness, your authentic soul. It's from this place of empowerment your light will shine brighter into the world.  Your life will be forever changed…

Your goals, needs, and visions are unique, and should never be reduced to a one-size-fits-all experience or result. When you work one-on-one with Diana, you'll benefit from custom conversations and experiences designed with you in mind.

No matter your level of achievement or success, there is more to come. Be ready for it!

Which is right for you? Let's talk!

Here's What Others are Saying:

"I want to thank you so very much again for such a perfect experience! I have been processing it ever since.  I felt as if I had somehow been brought to my knees and back up again, feeling stronger and happier. You and your horses are truly remarkable! It felt magical.  I could barely articulate it the next day. "  Vicki Daniel, Artist

"It was such a wonderful experience! Princess, Butler, and you were a blessing yesterday for my new life that is just starting over. When I arrived home I stopped everything in my life to focus and process all the emotions I had. I was happy and my heart was touched by all of you.  It was a experience very difficult to describe, and I am really grateful and happy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ~ Maria Celias, Personal & Spiritual Coach

"This morning I started writing my next book.  I've had so many thoughts and ideas over the last year but it was my session with the horses and Diana at Fire Horse Ranch that finally brought it all together!" ~ Michelle Shaffer, Health Coach and Author

"If anyone is wondering just how amazing, eye opening and life changing equine therapy is – I will share with you what I learned from Diana's horses at Fire Horse Ranch.  I walked into my appt knowing nothing of how it works or what I was going to be working on within myself.   I wondered to myself – How can a horse teach me about myself and help me?   I walked away from this experience having learned that in order for me to expect others to show up for me within my life…I needed to first start doing it for MYSELF!!   I needed to love me, all of me and accept me just as I was and most of all….stop abandoning my own self!!   We can’t expect others to love us unconditionally if we can't do it for ourselves.

I walked away from that experience a stronger, more loving and wiser person.   BE TRUE TO YOU, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH AND LOVE YOU FIRST BEFORE ALL OTHERS!   Because of this I have grown more in love with me, to recognize when someone's intentions are not in my best interest – to send that person love and move on. I am not perfect, and a work in progress – but it is my hope that those who are battling within and truly want to heal, grow, learn and step outside the box… must give equine therapy a go.   I can only recommend Diana because it was her service/coaching and incredible horses that taught me much more than I could EVER imagine that winter day over 2 yrs ago.   Thank you Diana @ Firehorse Ranch!" ~ Jennifer Rundall


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