Wish Upon A Star

Several years ago, before I had horses of my own, I was sitting under a star-filled sky on a warm August night.  Lost amongst the stars I was reflecting on how long I’d been inspired by horses and how I was bitten by the horse bug at a very young age.  As a child they filled my daydreams, my room was decorated with their pictures and likeness in every form imaginable, and I read every horse story I could get my hands on.  I’d always dreamt of having horses of my own, and now forty years later the opportunity was nearly at hand.

As I gazed into the vast clusters of stars that night, a message began to stir deep in my heart.  It was a message meant to be carried by the stars to a horse I had yet to meet.    Before I realized it, this message became reality as I spoke the words aloud.  “Wherever you are, know that I’m looking for you.  Whatever your circumstances please find the strength to hang on.  Know that before we meet I already love you and am looking forward to the day you come home.”   Having worked with rescues I was fairly certain this horse would also be a rescue.  As I heard these words for the first time I felt tears welling up in my eyes that gently began to roll down my cheeks.  With certainty I knew that something had just been set into motion.

Night after night I’d step out under the stars and sent my message out.  Although there was no way to confirm it, I knew it was being received by someone, somewhere out there.

After a couple of weeks I felt the message begin to change.  The message naturally expanded to include….”And if you are with a loving family and well cared for, this makes me happy.  Enjoy every moment and know that when it’s time for us to meet I’ll welcome you with open arms and joy.”  Upon hearing this I realized that maybe this horse isn’t a horse in need of rescue, and continued sending this new, expanded message.

This went on for several months before I received a call from a friend, Joey, who said…”I think I’ve found your horse.”  Joey ran a local horse rescue where I volunteered Reiki services.  Of course I couldn’t wait to meet him, and when I did, fell instantly in love with him – Butler.  That was November of the same year.

Ironically, about the same time I began sending my message out to the Universe that August, things were set into motion behind the scene that would result in Butler being found and rescued. 

Another friend, who at the time was scouting horses for the Scottsdale Mounted Police unit, received a call about a tall Thoroughbred who might need a few groceries but might be a good fit.  My friend arrived to check out this horse and was horrified.  Needing a “few” groceries was an understatement, Butler was hanging on by a thread.  She immediately jumped into action to rescue him from these horrible circumstances. 

When rescued, Butler was fostered by two ladies, Jannelle and Judy, who not only welcomed me, but also encouraged me to come and work with him for a while to be certain we were a good match.  Of course I eagerly accepted.  Finally in March of 2010 I was ready to bring Butler home, and at the same time the Universe had another wonderful surprise in-store for me. 

There was again another horse needing a new home.  She had belonged to a lady who loved her very much and had taken great care of her.  I of course had to go through the “meet and screen” process with her current owner who quickly determined that “Princess” would be going to a home that would love and care for her just as she had.

Princess and Butler arrived home two and a half years ago.  I often reflect back on the circumstances and the entire story that brought us all together.  To me it’s greater than circumstances.  To me this story is filled with miracles, and a heart’s desire sent out to the Universe that was answered in a far grander fashion than I could have ever imagined.

What dreams or desires are safely locked away in your heart?  You know the ones….the ones that seem too far out of reach, unattainable.  Will you keep these under lock and key your entire life, and risk feeling regret that they never happened?  Or is it time to lovingly release them and wish upon a star?  This simply sets the energy in motion and sets the stage for the Law of Attraction to begin to work.  Maybe they won’t appear as you desire them too.  Yet, they might appear in a bigger, grander fashion than you might imagine.

Tonight, step outside and wish upon a star.  It’s not a silly childhood ritual – it’s real.  Imagine this wish coming true, feel it in every cell of your body, allow the emotions to fill your heart and soul, continue with intent and focus each day, allowing your dream to unfold.

I’ll meet you in the stars tonight!



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  1. Sandi Inches says:

    Diana,  "Wish Upon A Star" made my heart glow with love as I read this beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.


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