What Story Are You Telling?

It was a long time coming.  There had been many things to overcome, yet here we were.  I was sitting bareback on Alki Run, an ex-racehorse rescued by After The Homestretch AZ, for the first time since he arrived.  He stood quiet, head relaxed, tail swishing, and ears gently moving; listening to the sounds that surrounded us.

This was not the same horse that had come to Fire Horse Ranch eighteen months earlier.  When he first arrived he didn’t like to be touched, was in physical and emotional pain, and when you looked into his eyes they were often empty and distant.

The span between his arrival and now was filled with learning to trust one another, attending to his physical and emotional healing, and Alki learning to relax and engage life with confidence.

As we shared this moment of accomplishment I reflected on all that had happened over the past months.  And as I did so, tears of gratitude rolled down my dusty cheeks for this horse who didn’t give up and taught me a lot along the way.

Sitting there, connected in a way I’d only dreamed of until this moment, I realized it was time to help Alki let go of his ‘old’ story.  It was time to stop describing him as he was the day and months leading up to this moment.  He had moved far beyond that.  He was no longer mistrustful of everything and everyone, overly sensitive, in pain, and a little grumpy.  He was now learning to trust, engage life, enjoy being touched and rubbed all over, and even like being around people. 

I realized that by continuing to focus and re-tell the story of the “old Alki”, it was keeping his past alive, overshadowing all he had accomplished to reach this point.  It was now time to focus on his new story, the one that tells of all he’s accomplished and who he is today. 

How many times do you experience a period of change and growth in your life and strive to make this change permanent, yet continue to tell and re-live the same old story?  How often do you re-play the past in your mind or in conversation, causing your past to remain alive and fully present, overshadowing your new story? 

Imagine sitting upon the Alki Run in your life; enjoying the success of the moment, the feeling of having accomplished much and of coming so far.  This is the story to tell, the new chapter that will define your life from this point forward.  Bring it to the forefront, celebrate what you’ve accomplished, and boldly share it with the world around you.  By doing so you make it real, tangible, and forever part of who you are!

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