What Makes You Think I’m Not Happy?

its what you seeThe world was dark and cold that winter morning as Princess and I stood together in her stall.  It was that peaceful time of day before the sun rises and the world wakes up.  Still too dark to start chores, I was taking advantage of this quiet time to share space and do some soulful reflecting with the horses.

Princess had been experiencing laminitis (a hoof condition that can be very painful), and hadn’t been moving as freely and pain-free as either one of us would have liked.  I put my hand up on her warm, thick neck and with a little heaviness in my voice remember saying something like “I wish your feet were feeling better so you could be happy.”   She slowly turned her head toward me and very clearly I heard her say “What makes you think I’m not happy?”

As the meaning of what she’d shared crept into my awareness I realized how profound it was.  How wrong I’d been to assume that due to the soreness in her front feet, she wasn’t happy.  Couldn’t she still be happy, even when not feeling her best?

And then my mind began to wander thinking how often we believe that things have to be a certain way, we have to have certain things, or because things might be beyond our control we can’t experience true happiness in the current moment. 

Take a moment and stop where you are.  Allow all the things that are going on around you and within you to continue.  Take notice of what you discover.  And within that discovery take another moment and find something that makes you happy.

Perhaps you’ll easily discover happiness, or maybe you’ll have to search a bit to find it.  You might experience it as a burst of elation or exhilaration or maybe a little calmer as sliver of delight that slowly rises into your awareness like the morning sun lights the horizon.  However you find and experience happiness, allow it to fill you with warmth, love, joy, and gratitude.   Give it freedom to fill your body, mind and spirit with bliss, well-being, and lightheartedness. 

Seek out happiness in your day – in the moment!  It’s there, and when discovered and whole-heartedly embraced will magnify and reflect out into the world around you. 

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  1. Jane says:

    Keep on writing – love your stories! This one was especially timely. Buddy is looking at me right now with a big goofy smile, utterly unconcerned that he's wearing a cone that makes us feel bad for him post surgery. No more assuming he's miserable. I'm smiling with him right now!

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