We All Have A Little Dr. Dolittle In Us

It was going to be a tough decision.  After months of waiting, suddenly two great homes had become available for a rescued ex-racehorse named Felicia.  Each family had been out to see her, each had fallen in love with her, and each would be great homes for her.  This was the information I received when asked to if I would talk with her and see what she thought. 

When I connected with her she definitely had a lot to say!  Most important, she liked both families felt she’d be safe and comfortable with either.  Her biggest concern was that she didn’t feel she could physically keep up with the trail riding and desires of one family.   She felt the other family’s expectations were more in line with what she was capable of.

Her other concern was for a fellow herd mate who she’d become attached to.  Hope was an older mare who had been rescued from a similar situation.  Both mares had been abandoned in the desert to fend for themselves, both had nearly starved to death, they had been rescued within a month of each other, and they had healed and re-gained their health together.  They had bonded, and Felicia rarely missed the opportunity to stand watch over Hope as she slept. 

Felicia wondered what would happen to Hope and if Hope could come with her.  I told her I couldn’t make any promises that they could be adopted together, yet would happily ask.

I shared all this with my client, hoping it would help them make the decision.  I didn’t fully understand Felicia’s concern about not being physically able to keep up with the physical demands of the one family.  It was only after sharing this information I learned that she had recently been diagnosed with a mild form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Now it made perfect sense. 

And, the adopting family readily agreed to take in Hope too! 

Animal communication has come a long way since the original Dr. Dolittle film in 1967.  Today many are embracing the idea and often seek a professional Animal Communicator to talk with their animal companions.  Have you ever considered that you too can do this?  We all have the ability, most of us just need to learn.  Imagine how that would change your relationship with your animal companions, and the animals who cross your path.

We all have a little Dr. Dolittle in us.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to communicate with your animals consider a class at Fire Horse Ranch.  You’ll find a ride range of offerings; everything from introductory thru advanced classes.  Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming opportunities to enhance your relationship with your animal companions.

Our next class, Animal Communications – Getting Started is Saturday December 15th.





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