Harness the Power of Trust

The ONLY way to live your heart's desires is to eliminate fear, worry, and doubt.

STOP horsing around and discover…

  • Simple methods to create greater confidence
  • Unconscious blocks, fears, and behaviors that sabotage self-trust
  • An effortless way to show up authentically in your life and relationships
  • A newly discovered sense of freedom with new practices that help you embrace and create trust
  • How to be congruent inside and out (a primary key to trust)
  • Transformation that provides greater freedom and confidence for navigating life circumstances
  • Awareness techniques vital to strengthening your personal relationship with YOU
  • How to easily create more confidence and faith in yourself by knowing your deepest hidden patterns
  • The power of having unconditional faith in yourself and higher-power/higher-self

Exclusive event for ONLY 12 women serious about breaking through the one obstacle in their way right now…and transforming their life!


  • Attracting the opportunities and people you desire in life
  • Filling your life with relationships that light you up
  • Confidently having the faith and trust in yourself to do whatever you desire
  • Increasing your confidence in everything you do
  • Knowing how to recognize self-sabotage and turning it into positive action
  • Building an inner strength like never before
  • Discovering the MAJOR obstacle getting in your way
  • Creating an undeniable and powerful inner strength
  • Finally, feeling that you have the freedom to be YOU!

This is NOT a sit and listen while your butt-goes-numb event. It is also NOT an event where you get saddle sores. This IS a hand-on, hearts-on, put-it-in-action event . . . and guess who’s doing a lot of the work? THE HORSES!

What is HorsePower?

HorsePower taps into wordless communication between two beings which results in new insights and understanding. This interaction helps us experience and discover new ways of “being” and is a catalyst for empowering life changes.

Through evolution, horses, have developed a keen awareness of the energy in the world around them. It’s vital for their survival to sense the subtlest of signs, feel what can’t be seen, and trust their intuition without question.

When people enter their space, horses are aware of what energy they bring with them, even if they, themselves aren’t aware. Through this awareness and interaction, the horse mirrors the energy being presented, through physical movement and behaviors, and responds to it.

While participating in this unrestricted interaction, people gain insight and awareness into many aspects of themselves. If they desire to immediately change their behavior, thinking, and/or energy, the natural results is immediate feedback from the horse.

Bottom line . . . everything you think, feel and believe will be reflected in the horses behavior. NO more secrets. You’ll discover the key block that keeps you from your greatest potential.



As you can see, we work with humans just like you. Over and over again, people are surprised and astounded by our ability to understand and get you. Our nature is to feel you and mirror your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

We know that if you’re this far down the page, one of two things is true for you . . .

  1. You would love a horse to show you what the heck is getting in the way of creating undeniable confidence and faith in yourself.
  2. You don’t care how to break through the blocks, hidden or not. You want to feel free, fulfilled and extraordinary!
  3. Both! Each of us has come from previous situations where trusting people was unsafe, and have re-learned to trust ourselves and the people in our lives. This has given us the invaluable gift of faith, trust and confidence in ourselves, which has brought great fulfillment and joy into our lives.

The best part of the day . . . we do all the work. You come and simply be you. We’re committed to showing you what is going on inside your heart and head. We’re both really good at this and can’t wait to show you how amazing you can be! You’ll leave a different person with a different understanding of your inner wisdom AND how to enhance your relationship with yourself that will cause your heart to bubble over with joy.

We’re saving our best, just for you. See you there!

Butler, Max and Sedona
The Horses at Fire Horse Ranch


Women who want to develop a strong, heart-felt relationship with themselves, and attract great relationships and opportunities into their life. If you find it hard to ask for help, communicate what you need, or have a hard time trusting others, HorsePower Transformation will help you grow from where you’re at!


Attend this event and you’ll learn how to create a life of purpose and passion, harnessing the power that allows you to become more authentically who you are. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what stands between where you are now and where you want to be.

No longer let your past, present, and projected circumstances dictate your strength, confidence and personal power.

Space is limited . . . Grab your spot!

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Fire Horse Ranch, 38254 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Registration: $147, lunch included

Your HorsePower Transformation team:  Connie Queen, Relationship Coach, and Diana Gogan, Spiritual Life Coach & Wayfinder

Harness the Power of Trust
Harness the Power of Trust
Deepen Trust through HorsePower Transformation **Register by October 7th for only $147 (Regular price is $179)**
Price: $147.00

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