The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The picture below may get you to look twice and maybe even laugh a bit, as you quickly recognize the irony in this scene;  a 1,100 lb. horse tied to a plastic chair of only a few pounds. One quickly recognizes that if this horse really wanted to go somewhere the rope tied to the chair wouldn't stop him. Seems a little ridiculous doesn't it?

Yet, I venture to guess that a similar scenario may be playing out somewhere in your life, with the chair representing a belief keeping you from moving forward. The tricky thing about beliefs, they can cleverly disguise themselves as truth, when in reality they're just a really good story you're telling yourself.

If you're wondering how the scenario in the picture played out, here's the rest of the story. Butler, the horse, slowly moved off a bit until all the slack in the lead rope was gone. When he felt the resistance he moved back towards the chair to investigate. He nudged it with his nose, felt it move, and then turned and walked off dragging the chair behind him. Watching him, I could see the chair was more of an inconvenience than a deterrent from walking over to the water bucket for a cool drink.

Are you ready to release the rope tying you to your outdated, worn out, dis-empowering stories? Is it time to harness the power of belief to create those things in your life, relationships, health, and career you desire? Are you ready to feel the power of stepping further into your full potential?

If you answered yes, here are some next steps:

  1. Identify one of your plastic chairs. A belief or story you tell yourself that keeps you tied down.
  2. Identify a new belief you want to take it's place. Consciously create a visual, feeling, or knowing that represents the new belief.
  3. Release your attachment to the old belief. This may come in the form a visualization where you see yourself untying the rope, a simple recognition that this belief has no value to you, or any other means in which you can participate in an action that separates you from the old belief.
  4. Attach yourself to the new belief, however feels right to you. Again, creating a visual, feeling, or knowing that signifies your partnership with the new belief.

Your power is in your stories. To create a new experience, a different ending, you must change the current story. 


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