The Pieces Come Together

Often during a session there is open communication between the one offering Reiki and the one receiving, whether the receiver is human or animal. Not in the typical fashion that we humans are accustomed to, rather an intuitive communication that comes through in many different way.

Sometimes it’s seeing pictures in your minds eye, other times it hearing something, feeling emotions, getting a taste in your mouth, a smell that comes from out of the blue (see Onion Clay and Stitches post as an example) or simply a knowing that you understand. It is intuitive, and therefore many people easily dismiss the information they receive. Does one have to be “gifted” to communicate in this manner? In my opinion definetely not. We all have the ability, some people’s ability is just more practiced than others.

In some recent sessions with Lyra (See the previous blog A Rocky Road Leads to Peace) I had the opportunity to have some extraordinary communication with her. However, there were pieces of that communication I didn’t understand and therefor didn’t share with the people who cared for her until a few days after her passing. Partly because it didn’t make sense, and partly because Joey and I didn’t have a chance to talk until a couple of days later.

The first session with her I the word “mushy” came to mind. Not once, but several times. It was an odd word to appear our of nowhere, and I couldn’t relate it to anything, so didn’t say anything about it to anyone. The next session I clearly understood the words “insides are liquid” off and on during her session. Again, there wasn’t anything I could relate it to and simply kept that to myself. Near the end of that second session I also heard the chorus to the song Baby Blue, by George Strait. I hadn’t thought of that song in years so knew it wasn’t a passing thought, rather that it was something she was trying to share with me. That song ran through my head the rest of the day and several days later.

When Joey and I were able to connect a few days later she was curious about my last session with Lyra. I shared the words I heard in the two session, thinking I was either going to sound crazy or it would make perfect sense to her. I was relieved and grateful it made sense to her.

She let me know that after Lyra passed they did an autopsy on her. So much was wrong inside her from the spread of the cancer. Her bladder had lost all elasticity and was, in Joey’s words mush. Her intestines had lost all structure and were simply masses of liquid tissue. As far as the song, after she read the entire lyrics it made perfect sense to Joey. And, it also seemed appropriate for what Joey experienced as Lyra transitioned. Lyra’s best friend Jamboree, and many believe her soul mate, was there in spirit to help her move on. (Jamboree had passed several months earlier due to complications from colic.)

You can imagine the goosebumps that ran through my body when I realized that what had seemed like strange and random words, turned out to make sense to someone who loved and cared about Lyra.

I quickly realized how easy it is to doubt what we experience during a session when we try to make it make sense. And even thought it doesn’t make sense to us, it may to someone who knows the animal well. Had the autopsy not been performed I wouldn’t have known any different, but I think it was a great gift and teaching moment from Lyra to get that confirmation after she left us. Her way of telling me to trust myself. 🙂

And, thankfully Joey is open to all of this and we could openly talk about these things that didn’t make sense to me.

Thank you Lyra, you are a beautiful soul and an amazing teacher!

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