The Nature of Healing

I’m often asked, “What are the effects of a Reiki session?” At the very most basic and beneficial level it promotes relaxation. Why is relaxation so important? There are many reasons and we’ll simply focus on the 3 million new red blood cells created each second in our body.

When our bodies are under stress, new cells are created within that stress, and have the potential to be less healthy. On the other hand, those created while relaxed tend to be healthier. With the relaxation of Reiki we give a gift of health to ourselves.

“We know that repeated exposure to stress or stress sustained over a long period of time can have damaging results on one’s health and lead to dis-ease (a body not at ease).

When a person is stressed, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, the natural protective stress response releases various chemicals into the blood to activate the fight or flight response. Those chemicals are designed for a short-term response to help a person “survive” a perceived threat. If stress continues over a long period of time, these same chemicals can create an unhealthy environment for the cells to live in and can influence their growth or repair in a negative manner, moving them towards disease.

Reiki induces the relaxation response and puts the body in the best condition so it can do what it is designed to do – heal itself. Relaxation through Reiki promotes the release of health-affirming chemicals, which bathe the cells in a sea of life force energy, promoting normal growth and development. It is interesting to note that the traditional Reiki hand positions are located over the major glands and organs of the body. These major glands secrete the hormones that regulate all of our bodily functions. By placing our hands in these positions, we automatically nourish and help to balance the glands and hormonal system.”*

I hear many wonderful from clients after a session. Some of the most common in regards to relaxation are:

  • They were amazed they relaxed that deeply
  • Feel more relaxed than after a massage
  • Because they were so relaxed felt they were able to connect with their higher self

During an hour Reiki sessions you have the potential to create 180,000,000 million relaxed red blood cells a minute or approximately 10.8 billion cells in an hour. And even if you lose count of all these new cells being created, you will leave relaxed and reconnected with yourself. And who couldn’t benefit from that? Treat yourself and experience a Reiki session!

*Kathie Lipinski, RN “Reiki Myths and Misconceptions”

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