The Lesson of One

Last week at the Animal Reiki Share I host at Dreamchaser Horse Rescue we had a unique experience. Something we had not experienced before.

Its common when we go to the rescue to have several animals that need attention, as well as those that each individual is drawn to work with. That day wasn’t any different as the Ranch Manager suggested several that may need some Reiki. We split up to make sure each of them received attention.

As I approached Yogi, an off track Thoroughbred with crooked front legs and arthritis, I asked as I normally do to connect with him and offer Reiki. Before I realized it I connected with an energy much larger than Yogi. It felt to be the energy of the entire herd. Again, I sought to make an individual connection with Yogi and again found myself within the energy of the herd.

While in that connection there was an overall feeling of contentment and that all was okay within the herd and that they didn’t require any special attention. Rather that attention was to be given to Susan Thompson, founder of Dreamchaser.

As I experienced this I “logically” thought that it must be my concern for Susan, who had knee replacement surgery one week prior, that was creeping into my Reiki with the animals. I tried several times, even approaching different horses, with the same results. Upon sharing my experience with the others we realized that each of us was experiencing something similar.

Even though the horses had not seen Susan since her surgery they were aware that she was the one that needed healing that day. And of course….special attention she received!

It was a humbling experience, as well as a good reminder that we are all One. It is possible to know, feel, or be affected by something that happens to another….regardless of whether what happens is good or bad. And how appropriate that it was a herd of horses, who live as One whether in the wild or domestically, that reminded us of this.



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