The Legacy of Navaho Painted Lady

It was one of the most beautiful Spring days of the season. The chatter and songs of the birds sounded like a symphony, a gentle breeze blew, deep blue skies accented the bright green of the budding trees, and the warmth of the sun kissed my skin. The stage was set for a perfect day, and I knew this day would be one I’d always remember.
Our family, people and animals, gathered in the arena under one of the horse’s favorite shade trees. There was a hushed reverence as each of us held space and prepared to share our last moments with one we deeply love.
I'd spent most of the night before reflecting on our life together and all this very dear friend meant to me. Ironically, our time together had started 7 years ago, almost to the day. Seven years ago, I was making final arrangements to bring Butler home; a second horse wasn’t even on the radar. Yet the Universe had a surprise in-store that involved a beautiful paint mare named Navaho Painted Lady, known as Princess.

Princess Collage

As you might imagine, the moment I met Princess I feel in love. When I first approached her I was engulfed with the strength, power, compassion, and love that radiated from her. Traits that many would experience through her in the years to come, and provide valuable insight that touched souls and changed lives. But on that day, the work we'd develop and do together was still a twinkle in the Universe's eye. I just knew I was in love.
A love that had grown tremendously over the years, and had brought us to this moment of parting. After we’d said our goodbye’s I shared the news of her passing in a Facebook post. She has a large following, and I knew there were many who’d want to know. I invited people to share how Princess had touched their lives. Many beautiful memories were shared. As I read each and every comment, I saw her legacy emerge from the words on the screen. A legacy anyone would be honored to leave. Here are just a few of the many comments and memories shared.
“Strength, patience and love”
“Pure love”
“She taught me to look inwardly for peace.”
“Princess taught me to stand in my truth, my power, to back away from what felt inauthentic, to step into my heart, to be okay bring a "princess", to show love, to allow for vulnerability, and not to take anyone's shit. Also, to allow for men to stand up for me knowing that does not make me weak.”
“She taught me strength & patience.”
“She taught me to always search within and keep moving forward.”
“I’ll always remember the look in her eyes and the powerful messages she had for me the last time I worked with her.”
“…presence and stillness. Simple quiet presence.”
“Grace. She was the essence of grace.”
“She taught me so much about authentic leadership and I will never forget the imprint she left with me.”
“I’ll never forget what Princess showed & told me….See my heart Follow yours.”
“…strong vibration of unconditional love and healing.”
“…her strong presence reminded me that love is all around and within us…”
“Her message to me was when good things happen don't feel guilty. Embrace the happy times.”
“She showed me to step into my power and speak my truth.”
As I’ve read and re-read the comments and memories shared, I’m very humbled by the legacy one beautiful paint mare left to the world. The effects of this legacy lives on in the people she touched, and the people those people will touch. It quickly ripples out to the world at large from the time they shared with her in a dusty arena on a small piece of desert in Phoenix, AZ.
If one paint mare can create that kind of positive ripple in the world around her, what is the impact of the legacy you’re going to leave?


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