That Was Cool – But Now I’m Mad!

It was taking every ounce of courage Kelsey had to walk behind Princess.  Over the years she’d heard “NEVER walk behind a horse”.  After all it’s dangerous and you’ll get kicked, or at least that’s what she’d been told and believed.  Ironically, until today she’d never been close enough to touch a horse, let alone walk behind one.  And the people she’d heard these words of wisdom from hadn’t ever been around horses either.  Yet, that warning stuck with her and was creating fear and anxiety in the present moment.

Now of course, I’d never instruct some to walk behind a horse without the understanding of how to do so safely.  Kelsey new this, trusted my instructions, and that I was standing right next to her and Princess helped too.  After all would I put myself in danger?  She assumed likely not.

Kelsey was standing very close to Princess with her hand high upon the horse’s back, as she slowly began the first few steps that brought her closer to Princess’ tail and the “kick zone”.  Her steps were tentative, yet determined.  She was going to do this.  After a couple of steps she hesitated for a moment for a brief moment.   I asked her to exhale and continue breathing, and then with renewed confidence she walked all the way around Princess and was soon on her other side.

The smile that spread across her face was contagious and soon we were both grinning.  Within an instant her smile changed to a puzzled look and then became rather stern.  The next words out of her mouth caught me by surprise, “Well that just makes me mad!”

Taken back I asked “What makes you mad?”  She shared with me that for over 40 years she had held onto a belief that was false; a belief that had created unnecessary fear and anxiety.    After all, as she’d just experienced, you can walk safely behind a horse.  In fact she realized for the first time that horse owner’s do every day.  One simply just needs to know how to do so correctly and safely.

Collapsing one false belief shed light on the possibility that there may be other false beliefs posing at truths.  What other beliefs was she holding onto as truths that are really false?  How might these beliefs be holding her back from enjoying life more fully, experiencing new things, and having fun?

Where in your life might false beliefs be lurking as truths?  What beliefs are holding your back that it’s time to collapse?  What do you think you can’t do, that you see others doing?   Exhale, continue breathing, and shatter those beliefs that keep you from experiencing new things and enjoying life!


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