Sometimes You Just Have To Drop the Reins

IMG_0231Occasionally at the end of a day, I’ll slide up on Butler’s back and sit.  Sometime we may wander around the arena navigating whatever obstacles are set up, or casually walking and trotting patterns; nothing too serious, just some leisure time together.

During one of these rides the other night we were both relaxed and in-sync.  As we rode I realized the reins felt a bit cumbersome and seemed to be inhibiting our natural flow.  Without hesitation I dropped them.  Butler acknowledged this with a flick of his ear backward as the reins came to rest on his neck.  I felt his walk soften and his stride lengthen beneath me.

There was a time I would have never entertained such a move.  Why?  I believe it boils down to trust – my trust in Butler and in myself.  We both started off together green – he being my first horse, and Butler being on off-track Thoroughbred rescued from starvation.  He had little training.  And it seemed  the training he did get was done without gentleness or understanding.  

Over the years we’ve replaced our “greenness” with many new things including trust, understanding, courage, confidence, and love.  These have woven tightly together to create the foundation we now enjoy.

As I’ve reflected on the experience of dropping the reins, I realize that not only was it an important moment in our relationship, but that it also holds a greater message.  The message found in the question, “How does this experience apply to life?”

How often do you find yourself wishing, dreaming, or reaching for a goal AND tightly holding the metaphoric reins of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, lack of trust, or something else that gives you a false sense of control?   Unable to let go and allow the power of manifestation and creation naturally flow.

We often find ourselves holding onto these reins for many reasons.  The reasons may stem from fear, a sense of control, anxiety, uncertainty, lack of trust, or false sense of power.  By holding on too tightly we override the powerful creative ability of intention and manifestation.  Often leading to lack-luster or disappointing results, and can be why the Law of Attraction often fails to create and manifest what we desire.

Does this mean you should immediately drop the reins?   Perhaps, but only if you’ve created a supportive foundation.   A foundation built upon faith, trust, confidence, and courage.  It would include supportive emotions, feelings, wisdom, and relationships with yourself and others.

Or it might be time to build and strengthen your foundation.  Infuse it will faith, trust, confidence, and courage.  Weave into it supportive emotions, feelings, wisdom and sound relationships with others as well as yourself.  So that when you do let go of the reins, you have a strong foundation beneath you.   

Just as you wouldn’t drop the reins on a wild horse, dropping the reins in an area in your life without a proper foundation may likely lead to undesired results.  Take the time to needed to accomplish this important step.   In the horse world you might hire a trainer to help you build this foundation.  In your life it might be a close friend or family member, or a coach or other professional who can help you create a strong foundation.

If you have a good foundation upon which you can drop the reins – and you’re ready – do it!  And know that at first, navigating without reins might feel unfamiliar and unbalanced.  This is where the foundation you’ve built will support you.  It’s a source from which you can draw strength, confidence and courage while you get the feel of navigating without reins. 

And know, once you’ve successfully navigated without reins once, it will be easy to do so again.  Think of the possibilities and experiences you can create when you let go of the reins.

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