Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Long before the GPS, directions were often given using landmarks and signs. As you moved towards your destination, these signs gave you confidence gpsyou were going in the right direction. If you didn’t see the right signs, you’d find someone along the way to ask for help.
Today many of us use  GPS to guide us. Most who come to the ranch use a GPS that accurately directs them right to my front door, and yet the comment I often hear is “When I saw your sign I knew I was in the right place.”
Navigating your personal life is similar. You have a built in GPS, your intuition. Just like the device you plug into your car, or access on your phone, your intuition provides all kinds of directions. It can tell you when to turn, when to recalculate your path, and give you available options similar to asking your GPS to show local restaurants. It also warns you of construction zones and congested traffic, even suggesting alternate routes when needed.
Regardless of whether you’re using your external or internal GPS, seeing signs and landmarks along the way that confirm you’re moving in the right direction is comforting. Just like clients seeing the Fire Horse Ranch sign when they arrive at the ranch.

I too like signs, and like many of you, sometimes I see them and sometimes I don’t. Two mornings ago I received a sign I couldn’t miss. I’m grateful that at certain points in my life this same sign has shown up in such a manner I couldn’t help but see and recognize it. However, the first time it presented itself I nearly missed the message.
The first time I received this sign, I’d experienced one of those deep, life changing conversations that alter the course of your life. I was feeling excited about it, yet also very vulnerable, overwhelmed, and truth be told unsure if I had made the right choice. In short, I was second guessing myself and ready to bolt and run back to who I was before that conversation had taken place.
The next morning, as I was mulling this over in my mind and feeling a lot of fear, perfectly placed in my path to the corral laid a big beautiful owl feather. I picked it up, surprised at such a find and went to set it aside to take back to the house later, but couldn’t put it down. There seemed to be something about this feather, and then I realized it was a sign. A confirmation I was heading in the right direction.

Over the years, at important moments, an owl feather has appeared directly in my path as a sign. Until a few days ago, it had been several years since I’d received this sign. This time I instantly recognized the sign and message. I knew I was in the right place, and making the right choices.
How often do you wish for a sign or message from the universe confirming the direction you’re going or giving insight about what to do next?
How often do you know what to look for, or recognize the sign for what it is?

Over the years from my personal experience, and in working with many people like you, I can attest that the messages and signs are always there, but are often missed.
Why? Three common reasons are:

  • You’re expecting something big, and earth shattering.
  • You’re too busy to stop and “see” or “hear” the sign and message
  • You’re too distracted.

Three tips to help you recognize signs and messages:

  1. True signs and messages are often gently whispered. They may come through nature like a brightly colored butterfly or owl feather. A word on a billboard or license plate. Or, casual conversations and comments by others.
  2. Signs are often overlooked as they seem too random, coincidental, or unbelievable. If it’s caught your attention above all the other noise and chaos in your day, it’s likely a sign or message.
  3. You’ll always receive a confirmation through one of your six senses. (hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste, or intuition)

Incorporating signs into your daily life offers you a new way of thinking, manifesting and receiving. It’s an awareness, a practice, and way of being that you can learn to partner with. And when you do signs, guidance and miracles are an everyday occurrence! Not only are they accessible in your personal life, but in your business, career, and public life as well.

The next time you find yourself looking for insight or guidance, listen for the whispers, watch for what catches your attention, and pay attention to the guidance of your senses.

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