Salves, Balms, and Ointments – Oh My!

Last weekend it was time to make a new batch.  A new batch of healing herbal salve that I use on cuts, scraps, burns, skin irritations, and just about anything else that comes up.  As you can imagine with five horses, a dog, and us two humans there is always something that needs a little TLC.  Needless to say I make up a large batch!

People are often amazed to find out how easy it really is.  You choose your own ingredients and custom blend a salve specifically for your needs.  I often use a mixture of essential oils and handcrafted herbal oils too.  The possibilities are endless. 

The top three salves I use the most are a creosote salve used for equine scratches, wound salve with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic, and healing herbs, and what I call a healing salve good for minor cuts, burns, scraps, etc.  No chemicals, toxic or harmful ingredients in these wholesome salves.  In fact it’s common for the horses and dogs to lick the salve right out of the container when I’m not looking!

Here are a few pictures of the process.  If you’re interested in learning more about herbs, and especially making your own salve, join us for our upcoming Herbal Salves and Ointments for Horses workshop, Saturday December 8th, at Fire Horse Ranch.  Taught by Melanie Dunlap, Earth Mother Herbalist, of Peaceful Spirit Center.  Come and tap into the wisdom of her rich herbal background.  While we’ve based the workshop around horses, the same principles and recipes apply to all animals and people too! 

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  1. Merrill says:

    I am not in the know to make my own batch of Creosote Salve, but would like to buy a jar.  Can you direct me to a source.  I have used a Creosote salve for some time but the Navajo left the scene and now I am trying to buy some more…

    Thanks Much!


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