Reiki and Veterinary Care

Bubba had an earache, Twister had sand colic, Comet has bulging disks, Duchess had an inoperable blockage in her digestive system, Max has struggled keeping weight on, and Caje has a sprained ankle. These are just a few of the animals I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past weeks. Their symptoms ranged from uncomfortable to life threatening. They were each treated in a variety of spaces from the comfort of a couch, to a stall, to an animal hospital.

When is the best time to give a sick or uncomfortable animal Reiki? Reiki will do no harm and is always a good option for a sick or injured animal. However, Reiki is never a substitute for proper care or veterinarian expertise.

If an animal needs the medical expertise of a veterinarian that is the first call that should be made. Then follow up with Reiki. It’s common for me to treat an animal at the veterinarian’s office or animal hospital, depending on the circumstance.

Fortunately each animal mentioned was seen by a veterinarian if needed before I was contacted for Reiki. How are they doing now?

Bubba’s ear cleared up and he’s back to his happy, carefree self. Twister began eating and pooping (very important with colic) and is back out with her buddies. She’s receiving continued check-ups from the vet and extra care from her owner to help move the sand out of her gut. Comet and his family are exploring options for his back. Duchess’ blockage dissolved and passed through her system and she was out of the hospital in a couple of days. Max is on a special diet to put weight on. And Caje is on house rest if we can keep him quiet.

While Reiki miracles happen every day, first-aid or critical care needs should be addressed first. Reiki can be given in conjunction with any treatment. If you, or your animal Reiki practitioner, practice distant healing it’s an excellent option and can be given immediately, even if you don’t have physical access to the animal.

What will your veterinarian say about Reiki? Some know what it is and some don’t. This may be an opportunity to introduce it to them. It’s common for me to meet the veterinarian in critical cases where ongoing Reiki is requested. Some are open to it, some aren’t. I’ve never been asked to leave by a veterinarian regardless of their personal beliefs.

So again, when is the best time to give an animal Reiki? It’s always a good time. Remember to keep the animal’s best interest in mind and seek proper medical help and advice when needed. Reiki will support any medical treatment, as well as work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the animal at the same time. It truly is a win-win for everyone!

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