The Power of Presence

Confident  •  Clear  •  Connected

Today’s modern world is filled with chaos, noise, demanding schedules, financial obligations, differing opinions, and circumstances beyond your control.

How does one not get swept away and lost? How does one remain centered and clear?

Through the Power of Presence.

Come along on an exciting journey to re-claim your inner power.

You’ll experience and embody how:

  • presence creates a life of awareness, rather than a life of tentative action or speculation.
  • clarity replaces distraction.
  • your inner guidance replaces chaos and noise.

When inside the Power of Presence:

  • you’re centered in your place of power, rather than over powered by other people and events.
  • you proactively create life, rather than reacting to situations.

“As Presence arises you’ll find in many areas of your life enormous improvements.” – Eckhart Tolle

How does one harness the power of presence?

The Power of Presence workshop provides hands-on experience and guidance into a state of deeper presence. You’ll also learn useful tools you can use regularly to quiet your mind and become more present, in activities with horses and nature.

Why? Because clear presence provides the answers you seek and the ultimate wisdom that guides you. Your best guidance is not found in an outside source, it comes from within. The horses at Desert Awakenings Ranch are master teachers in being in the now. They know instinctively how to do this, and will help you find this place within yourself.

You’ll do more than learn how to more fully embody your power through presence…you’ll practice, experience and refine it.  

How? While lovingly held in a safe space, you’re expertly guided through the blocks, obstacles, beliefs, and emotions that keep you from being present.

The morning begins with a Native American Smudge ceremony, followed by meeting the horses and reflective grooming. After which, each participant will have a 1-on-1 a session with a chosen horse. There will be discussions, insights, and moments of powerful awareness intermixed throughout the day, as well as a labyrinth walk with (or without) a horse.

Your guides for the day are:

  • Sarah Charuk, Native American Awakening Guide,
  • Diana Gogan, Life Coach, Fire Horse Medicine Woman,
  • the horses at Desert Awakenings Ranch

We welcome you to join us for a truly exceptional experience!

Date: October 7, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Desert Awakenings Ranch, 36646 N 21 St, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Registration: $175

Please bring a sack lunch. Dinner is offered for those who’d like to participate in a social time and spiritual celebration of their experience.


The Power of Presence
The Power of Presence
Workshop at Desert Awakenings Ranch
Price: $175.00

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