Onion Clay and Stitches

Several weeks ago Zeke was rescued from a killer buyer. (A person who buys horses at auction or other places to send to slaughter. They make their money by selling the animal to the slaughter house for a set price per pound.) He was an otherwise healthy young gelding who had the misfortune of tearing open his shoulder on a fence when being loaded into a trailer. The killer buyer tied him down tight and stitched the flap of skin up. Zeke, not thrilled about that procedure, when turned loose freaked out and tore the stitches open again.

The killer buyer again tied him tightly to the fence, but this time cut off the flap of skin, leaving a gaping wound exposed the size of a football. Without receiving the care this type of wound should have had, it began to fester and ooze. Luckily Zeke was rescued from that situation by Joey at Luv Shack. Zeke was treated with a mixture of Green Clay and onions to heal the wound and take care of any infection. Joey also called me to work with him and I gave him several Reiki treatments over a week and a half. (Did I mention I love my job?)

It’s been a week or so since I’ve seen Zeke, and yesterday started smelling onions at random times, in random places. I washed my hands several times, brushed my teeth, checked my clothing, all to no avail. I couldn’t find the smell. I also saw several Reiki clients that day and was hoping that they too didn’t smell the onions.

Then it dawned on me…the smell was the clay mixture used on Zeke. As soon as I realized that I also sensed Zeke’s presence, as if saying “Finally, you got it!”. I sent Joey a text to see how Zeke was doing. She said he was great, other than 5 stitches he had to have on his check. She wasn’t quite sure how he acquired the gash. I let her know I was coming by the next day and would see him, and the smell and feeling of Zeke nearby went away.

Fast forward to today. I’m at Luv Shack, just finished working with Lyra another horse, and headed to the turnout where Zeke and the rest of the herd are. As soon as I get out with them Zeke comes up and shows me his stitches. I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He was just like a little kid showing me his boo-boo. He, of course, received lots of attention and Reiki, seeming pretty pleased with himself. I just can’t help but chuckle every time I think of this. 🙂

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