Old White Barn Shorts

shorts in garbageI had a pair of white shorts that a while ago were relegated to barn wear.  The kind of shorts I feed, clean, bath, and care for my horses in – and only in the direst of needs would ever wear out in public.

Aside from the stains and wear, they have another flaw that’s embarrassing.  The zipper is a little lazy and doesn’t stay up all the time.  I compensated for this by wearing a long shirt, just in case things go a little south with the zipper.  It’s usually just me and the horses so who would really cares, right?

Doing chores the other night I had to stop and fix the zipper a couple of times.  Each time I became more and more irritated with this wardrobe malfunction.   “Who do I put up with this?  It’s not like these are my only shorts.  This is stupid!”

Then a moment of clarity arrived and I realized I could simply throw them out.  You know how sometimes when the obvious hits you, you laugh a little at yourself and wonder why you didn’t think of that before.  Well that’s what happened.  A smirk crossed my face as I shook my head and vowed to throw them away when I went in the house.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I let go of something that irritated me and no longer supported me, that’s usefulness had worn out long ago.  I have to admit, there was a brief moment when I thought “Well other than the zipper they’re perfectly good for barn shorts.  Maybe I should….”  Fortunately I caught myself before finishing that sentence, tossed them in the garbage and walked away a little lighter.

This experience sent me on a quest to find other “white barn shorts with lazy zippers” masquerading as useful items and let them go too.  And you know what?  It feels good!

When you recognize discomfort, irritation, anger or other negative feelings or emotions, these are signs that something may no longer serve or support you.  Through this awareness you create an opportunity to make different decisions and bring about change.

Where do you have white barn shorts in your life that may be hiding behind the disguise of being useful?  Things that are really worn, irritating, and no longer serve the function they once did.  What beliefs, habits, patterns, emotions or physical items might it be time to release?

“If you’re hands are filled with things that are not useful, you can’t accept whatever new things the Universe wants to give you."

Look around you, notice those old white shorts and turn them loose.  With that one action you’ll create space for new things waiting to come into your life that will support and bring you joy !

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  1. Zoey says:

    This was a light bulb moment for me today …I thank you soooo     much 

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