Navigating The Times Ahead with Confidence

Throughout the world big changes are regularly taking place. Surrounding each of these changes is a sea of strong emotions and energy, both positive and negative. And it’s in this sea of emotions and energy that many are feeling tossed around, battered, and challenged. When this happens it can make you feel powerless, overwhelmed, hopeless, afraid, as well as many other things; or not. It’s what you do amidst the change event that makes all the difference.

Two foundational actions you can take:

  1. Being connected and centered in your authentic self.
  2. Making a choice

Let’s talk about you first. What is your authentic self? It goes by many names: true self, your essence, and your core self are just a few. It’s the opposite of your false self, your ego, or the masks you hide behind.
Your authentic self is who you’re here to be, including the lessons you’re here to learn and the greatness you’re here to achieve in the world. When centered in your authentic self, staying true to your beliefs, your life vision, and your greater purpose are more important than what others think of or may do to you. You remain centered and focused, not letting others doubts, opinions, or fears steer you off course.
Why is this so important? You can be stripped of all else, but never your truth, or your authentic self. There are many stories of people who have been subjected to all kinds of atrocities, stripped of everything including feeling like they are human. Yet they survive and go on to thrive. How is that possible? They never lost who they truly are, their core self.

Here are a few signs you’re living from your authentic self:

  • You're comfortable and confident showing the world who you are.
  • You’re congruent. Your inside and outside self’s match.
  • You’re confident in stating your beliefs, and taking the actions that support your beliefs.
  • You honestly and whole heartedly love yourself.
  • You’re sense of self isn’t threatened by outside sources.
  • Others feel comfortable and at ease in your presence.

When you lose connection with your authentic self in many ways you become powerless. It’s easy to be overcome, overshadowed, overwhelmed, and feel swept away in the energy and emotions of events and people around you. You may feel trapped, stuck, or feel like you have no choice.
Which brings us to the second foundational piece: choice. You always have a choice of how to respond, think, and act. When you consciously make a choice you remain empowered. When you allow outside events and people to sweep you along, by default the choice is made for you and you’ve given your power away.
Sometimes you respond and react to things unconsciously, maybe even forgetting you have a choice. The good news is that once you realize this, you can consciously make a different choice and change your experience.

I want to share with something I use daily to consciously make choices.


This poem is on my desk to remind me I always have a choice. And to bring our discussion full circle, when I have a choice to make I naturally check in with my authentic self to choose the one that’s congruent with me. Can you see how being connected to your authentic self and consciously making choices helps keep you centered, focused, and congruent? When you're feeling this way it's easier to navigate the world around you with confidence and clarity.

Your time is NOW! You personally need the clarity, empowerment, and confidence that being centered in your authentic self brings to confidently move through the coming times. And, the world needs you to be the best possible version of you that you can be, each and every day.



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