MOTION: Why You May Not Be Getting What You Want

At first mention the task may have seemed like it should be fairly easy. But as Liz and Pam contemplated their first move, it wasn't clear at all how they were going to accomplish it. The task? Move Max, my miniature horse, into a square in the middle of the arena without using any tack. Two adults versus a horse not even as tall as a table, seemed doable. Right?

In case you're wondering, they accomplished this task not just once, but twice. However, a lot happened before Max went into the square.

There were lots of take-aways and learning moments for Liz and Pam through this process. Today I want to share a few with you. It's about motion, and why you may not be getting the results you desire in areas of your life.

Let me set the scene in the arena. Max stood directly behind Princess (a full grown horse), letting her tail swish the flies from his face. They stood under the shade of their favorite morning tree, and were content in the moment. A fence was a few feet behind him, the square several yards in front of Princess. Liz and Pam approached and stood next to Max, one his right side and the other on his left. They gently nudged him, waived their arms, laughed, shrugged their shoulders and turned to look for help.

“That didn't work, now what?”, was about all I said, encouraging them to try something else. They regrouped, tried several different things, and aside from Max looking a little annoyed at all the commotion, nothing changed. They really gave it a gallant attempt. However, they weren't any closer to reaching their goal than when they started. And they'd expended time and energy without any gain.

This time I offered a different perspective when we talked about what was happening. They had Max boxed in. His front path was blocked by Princess, each of them blocked any movement to the right or the left, and while their was room for him to move backwards towards the fence, he saw no need to do so. In addition to Max not moving, neither of them were moving their feet either.

What does this have to do with you not getting the results you desire in life? Here are two key takeaways from this scenario that hold insight:

In order to put something into motion, you must also be in motion and and an integral part of the motion.

The first step to getting Max to move his feet was for them to move theirs. A couple of things happened in this scenario.

Max was only motivated to move when they were moving. How often do you want to do achieve something yet don't put forth any effort to move in that direction? The effort doesn't have to be big and over the top, it just needs to be steady progress towards what you want to achieve.

If they did get Max to move, but they themselves were not moving, Max left them behind and went in whatever direction he wanted. Because they were standing still it took them a minute to get into action. By then it was too late, Max had moved away. How often do you desire something, the opportunity arises to obtain it, and because you're standing still and unprepared to take advantage of the opportunity it passed you by?

If everyone moved together, they stopped because they didn't know what to do next, while Max continued to walk away and go where he wanted. The key is to have a plan, so once one step is completed you can use the momentum to move onto the next step. Do you have a plan, or at the very least know the couple of steps?

Movement requires a place to happen.

Forward and side movement were blocked so Max couldn't move forward. There wasn't anywhere to go, even if he started moving. Where are you wanting to move forward yet are standing in your own way? Where might you be trying to create forward movement where there is not place to go?

Sometimes we're our own obstacle and create our own blocks. Know what direction you want to move and make sure you have the space to do so. It's like driving a car down a dead end road. You get stopped without any way to continue moving forward.

In all of these scenarios, planning and preparation are key. It's true, sometimes you don't know how something will work until you try. But before you try, have your next steps planned. When you stop, starting again takes a lot more effort and sometimes never happens.

Are you ready to create forward movement in your career, relationships, health, or life? Here are 4 steps to get you moving:

  1. Know what you want.

  2. Begin moving. Take the next step, then the next, and then the next. They can be big or small, it really doesn't matter as long as you keep moving.

  3. Learn to recognize when you're blocking your own path forward, have boxed yourself in, or gone down a dead end road. Then make the necessary adjustments.

  4. Keep moving!

Often it's helpful to have the guidance of someone who's done what you're setting out to do. Trusted friends, family members, mentors, and professional resources like coaches, therapists, and counselors are all great resources from which to seek guidance. However, make sure they see and support your vision or they too may become roadblocks.

Is it time for new movement and momentum? Is it time to refuel to maintain the movement you have?

What's your next move?

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