Morning Reiki with a Coyote Friend

This morning while my husband and I were cleaning up the kitchen we looked at the window and saw a coyote limping through the yard. Something was wrong with one of his front paws, as he was only walking on three legs. He stopped for a minute and looked at the house before continuing on his way. He was a full grown beautiful adult.

Without really thinking about it, I dried my hands of and went into the other room to offer Reiki him. At first our connection could best be described as wary. I simply explained what my intent was and felt the energy slowly begin to flow until it became a strong flow. I expected it to last for only a minute or so as he continued on his way. However, it lasted for a quite sometime. Eventually I received an indication that he was done. I ended the session with gratitude that I had been able to work with him this morning.

When I returned to the kitchen my husband and I were talking about what had just happened. I shared my surprise that the Reiki with the coyote lasted as long as it did. Mark went on to tell me that after I left the room the coyote hobbled through the yard and hung out under some mesquite trees for a while. Then as stealthily as he had come into our morning, he disappeared into the desert. Was he resting in the trees while I offered him Reiki? I’d like to think so.

I realized that Reiki has become such part of my life that I no longer think about offering it, I simply do it. Thank you to my wild coyote friend for connecting with me this morning, allowing me to share a some Reiki time with him, and helping me realize what an important part of my life Reiki has become. I wish him well on his journey.

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