Medicine Horse Session

A Medicine Horse session is a personal opportunity for insight, guidance, and transformation as you connect with the medicine (power, energy, spirit) of the horses, medicine wheel, and energy of Fire Horse Ranch.

It is ideal for times of:

  • Change or transition
  • Feeling the inner urge to live their greater purpose, even if you don’t know what that purpose is
  • Giving voice to your authentic truth though greater connection, vision, and understanding of your spiritual (Spirit) self

And, most important . . . when you feel called to engage in a session, even if you’re not sure why. The reason will be made clear during the session. This is the wisdom and power of a Medicine Horse session.

Your Medicine Horse session supports you to:

  • Clear away confusion and connect with the clarity of your Soul
  • Confidently step forward on your path
  • Feel connected to your greater purpose and potential
  • Give voice to your inner wisdom
  • Design life from your spiritual truth and power
  • Heal, release, and move forward

You'll participate in:

  • a smudging ceremony.
  • connection with and teachings from the horses.
  • walking the medicine wheel and sharing in the personal insights and wisdom it holds for you.
  • coaching and spiritual guidance to support you through your session.

This is a 2 hour session.

Registration: $155

Medicine Horse Session
Medicine Horse Session
Medicine Horse Private Session
Price: $155.00

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