Light The Fire

I’m guessing you, like many of my clients, have a bigger dream that despite how much you visualize and think positively about it, just never seems to happen. And likely, some of you have been carrying these dreams around for a long time. 

So play along with me for a minute . . .
Imagine it’s a chilly evening, and you long to cozy up to a warm fire. You gather wood and lay it in the fireplace in preparation for the warm fire you desire. Satisfied that you have enough wood, you comfortably settle into your favorite chair along with a good book, preparing for the warmth of the fire to melt away the day. And you wait, imagining how comfortable you’ll soon be as you sit back and relax.
A few minutes go by and you look at the wood laying in the fireplace, wondering when it will light itself. The chill of the evening settles a little deeper in your bones. You’re puzzled by what is taking the wood so long to catch on fire, and begin to get a little agitated. More time goes by and you grow annoyed that the fire hasn’t started itself.
The longer you sit, the more irked you become. You can see in your mind’s eye the crackling fire you desire. Yet all thoughts of a cozy evening by the fire vanish as you shiver and throw off your blanket, annoyed and disappointed that this evening didn’t turn out as planned.  

What happened in the story above, is what often happens when you have a goal or dream you want to create. You set the stage by knowing what you want as clearly as possible, but you forget to light the fire.
Lighting the fire is the action that sets everything in motion and makes your dream real and attainable. It’s the missing link in creating and manifesting your goals and desires. Purposeful action is the strategic piece to break you free from the inertia of your present life and create momentum towards your goal.


Creating something new always requires new action.

Where to Start
The most important question to ask is, “Who do I need to become to be the person I am in my vision or when I’ve reached my goal?”
To create anything new in your life, requires you to evolve. How does the “you” in your vision think, act, and feel differently than you do now? What do you need to change, learn, strengthen, release, or eliminate to be this new version of you?
Here are a few areas to take a close look at:

  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Thought Patterns
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Financial
  • Skills
  • Knowledge

Your biggest breakthroughs, the ones that create the most momentum, come from actions taken in the areas that require the most growth and change. Once in motion, you’re well on your way to evolving into the person you need to be.
What Happens Next
Creation and manifesting requires movement. Once you decide on an action or two, you break free from the inertia that has kept things status quo. This movement then opens up space that use to be filled with stillness.
Think of a large city on days where there is no wind or movement. The air fills with a brownish gray layer of pollution that continues to grow the longer the air is still. Now imagine what happens when a breeze or stronger wind comes along. A breeze slowly begins to stir things and create movement. While things are stirring and moving, it will take a long time to clear the pollution. A stronger wind will quickly clear things out.
The process of taking action, building a solid foundation, and creating space for your dream inherently invokes the law of attraction, where like attracts like. You’re certain to experience surprises and opportunities crossing your path that wouldn't have happened before.
Without it movement and momentum, your dream remains a dream.
To bring anything into your life imagine that it’s already there. But don’t stop there. Take action! The magic happens when you start evolving.
Four Steps To Creating:

  1. Know what you want with great clarity. Use details, feelings and emotions to strengthen the clarity of your vision.
  2. Ask yourself, “Who do I need to become to be the person I am in my vision or when I’ve reached my goal?”
  3. Identify the areas that require change and action.
  4. Take action!

Is it time to strike a match and light your fire?

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