Lessons in Listening: A Mare, A Foal, And A Wild Yearling

I’m always excited to be able to adapt Reiki to the situation, as well as the temperament and needs of the animal. When I listen to the animals, they tell me all I need to know.

I was called to Luv Shack Horse Rescue to work with a mare, Whisper, and a seven-day-old foal, Jersey Girl, that were found wandering in the desert and rescued. How long the Whisper had been on her own is not known, nor if she delivered Jersey Girl before or after she was turned loose. Whisper was underweight, her hooves had grown so long they had started to curl, and she had an eye infection. Jersey Girl had a low red blood cell count.

Both were wild-eyed and fearful. I started working outside their stall (two stalls opened up to create one large stall) and quickly felt an invitation to come in. Whisper was watchful and her eyes were large and wary. Jersey Girl ran behind her. I simply stood at a distance and started the Reiki flowing.

Within minutes, Jersey Girl was nuzzling me and nibbling on my clothes. Whisper kept a watchful eye but began to calm. A couple of times she stood between me and the foal, eventually relaxing enough to allow Jersey Girl close to me without too much concern. The whole time I simply filled the stall with love, safety and peace. Jersey became my shadow for the rest of the treatment. She allowed me to work on her in short spurts. Whisper allowed work from a distance at first, and eventually came over and leaned into my hands, soaking it all in.

Several volunteers tried to get close to the Jersey Girl (she’s so cute no one could resist), but Whisper wouldn’t allow it. Those watching were amazed that I stood among them, with the baby nuzzling me and following me around. It truly was a testament to the wonder of Reiki.

I also recently offered Reiki to wild yearling horse who came to Dreamchaser Horse Rescue from Fallon Feedlot in Nevada. He was very wild and distrustful. In fact, the number sticker he got either at the feedlot or the auction was still on his rump. No one could get near enough to remove it. He’s was in a turnout, about the size of a round pen, with another horse; we hope the other horse will help calm him down.

As is common with work at rescues there were several volunteers around and enough activity that he was wary of it all. So I simply stood at the far end of the turnout and began my session. He was fidgety and anxious, and didn’t seem to trust what was going on. Of course, I let him know my intentions and that he was free to choose how much, if any, Reiki he wanted. I also surrounded us with love, safety and peace. He seemed to take a bit of energy here and there, but was more curious than anything. A couple of times he walked near me (within a foot or two), but didn’t stay close for too long. After about 10 minutes, I received the message he was done.

Every animal and circumstance is different. Even the same animal may change preference from treatment to treatment. Listening to them and watching their body language will help you determine their preference for a treatment. Reiki is adaptable to any situation.

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