Know What’s In Your Heart

The time had finally come after 40 years of dreaming to finally find a horse of my own. Because of my work with rescues, it was no surprise when I got a call from Joey at Luv Shack Horse Rescue. She said she’d found my horse. He was being fostered not too far away and we set up a date to meet him. In the meantime, I received pictures of Butler, and of course fell instantly in love.

Prior to meeting him, I wanted to connect with him and offer distance Reiki. I settled in for a distance treatment and asked to connect with him. Nothing. I tried several times and didn’t once receive a spark of a connection. And then the questions and uncertainty crept in. Hmmm, was it me? If I couldn’t connect was this really meant to be? Was I doing something wrong?

Realizing I had put myself in a state of doubt and uncertainty I took a few minutes for a self-treatment, re-centered and cleared myself. When ready I tried again. Still nothing. Realizing for whatever reason it was not meant to happen I offered thanks for the experience and looked forward to meeting him in person the next day.

Meeting Butler was a wonderful experience that filled me with joy as well as a strange feeling of not wanting to hope too much in case it didn’t work out. However, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days afterwards.

That night I again wanted to connect with Butler and offer Reiki. Thinking that meeting each other would change things I again settled into a quiet space and sent out the offer. The next thing I heard stopped me in my Reiki tracks and brought a lump to my throat. Butler, in his direct and wise manner which I’ve come to appreciate, simply let me know that if I was not willing to commit myself 100% then he wasn’t either. He wasn’t interested in another half-hearted relationship.

I couldn’t believe it. How did he know? Did he really understand how much I wanted this, yet was afraid that something might happen to take it away? Right then and there the first of many personal lessons facilitated by Butler began. It didn’t take more than a split second to realize I was guarding my heart, just in case it didn’t work out, and to decided then and there to release it and move forward. Once I made the commitment, we entered into one of many Reiki sessions since that time.

Animals know what’s in your heart. They sense when your outside actions aren’t congruent with your inside thoughts and feelings. Why is this important when offering Reiki? Simply because we’re working in partnership with the animal, which means they must be comfortable with our state of mind, the feelings in our hearts, and our intentions.

Prior to connecting with an animal simply check yourself for emotions, feelings, thoughts, or physical discomforts that may not be conducive to a Reiki session. If they can be cleared and removed, simply do so. Here are a few suggestions to assist you:

  • Imagine a white light (or whatever color feels right to you) entering through the top of your head, filling your body and washing away the “stuff” that is ready to leave.
  • A brief meditation connecting you to the energies of the earth (a stable, nurturing foundation) and the sky (divine energies). This will help clear and ground you.
  • Before entering the animals space deposit all that is troubling your mind and heart in a container (real or imaginary) outside the animal’s space. When you leave you can decide whether to pick these things back up or simply release them.
  • Open your heart and share with the animal who you are at that moment – both the good and the bad. Let them understand you’re not projecting this onto them, yet want them to know what’s in your heart. Then let the animal decide if they want to proceed.

Animals are very forgiving. Likely, when you come to them from a place of love, honesty, and integrity you will be welcomed into their lives. And of course, if like me you discover personal issues you’d like to work on, Reiki is the perfect tool to help you heal and become whole.

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