Is This The Same Dog?

Bingo is Tracy’s soul companion and a retired agility dog. At nearly 15 years old her body is tired and she’s eased into a comfortable retirement. Like many dogs her age one can see the spirit and strength of the soul encased by an aging physical body. To support Bingo in this phase of her life Tracy thought she’d enjoy and benefit from energy work. The day Bingo and I met she greeted me at the door for the formal sniff down and then quietly found her spot on the floor to observe and interact as she felt necessary.

During my first session with Bingo I experienced the energy working directly to support her aging physical body with ease and grace. It was one of those sessions where during the hour I experienced the space Bingo and I shared was timeless and endless; yet also felt it was over in an instant. She easily relaxed into the energy flow, released several deep breathes during the session, and soaked up every vibration of the healing energy. Afterwards she was content to simply lay and rest while Tracy and I talked about her session, especially the insights and picture that Bingo had shared with me.

We scheduled another Reiki session for Bingo one week later. The Bingo that greeted me that day was a completely different dog. There was a lightness and sparkle in her eyes that had been dim the week before. Tracy had noticed she had more energy and brightness about her. Her incontinent episodes where much less, she seemed happier and the wart between her eyes had fallen off. (The wart was something Tracy had addressed with the veterinarian and told not to worry about, yet found it was persistent and continued to grow. You can plainly see it in Bingo’s picture.) That day rather than one long intense Reiki session, Bingo and I shared two short sessions. Bingo directed the length and intensity of each of these sessions.

Our second Reiki treatment began when Bingo her spot on the floor to lay. Rather than Bingo going into a deep relaxed space, she relaxed and was more alert and interactive. We worked together for about 15 minutes and then she got up and moved away. She went to find Tracy, take a drink, and wander around the room. Tracy and I thought she might be done, yet Bingo lay down once again and we shared Reiki for another 25 minutes or so. Again, when she was done she got up and moved away. This time I knew she had received all that she needed.

As always, I learn from each animal I work with. Here are some thoughts from my session with Bingo:

  • No two Reiki treatments are ever alike. Leave any expectations at the door and allow the animal and the Reiki energy to work in harmony together for the highest good of the animal.
  • Allow the animal freedom to move at their will. (An exception to this would be when the freedom of movement would endanger the animal or you. Set up your treatment space accordingly.)
  • An animal moving away during a Reiki treatment may mean they are done, or may indicate they are simply taking a break and will return. Watch and listen to the animal to understand which of these are true.
  • Reiki energy continues to work and flow within our bodies after the session. The effects of this are often subtle. Often as the subtle changes compound one will see a big change in the overall picture, just like I saw in Bingo just a week later.
  • Re-occurring Reiki treatments are beneficial. They support us in the moment for our highest and best good. One session builds upon the other.

Many people report great results from one Reiki treatment. More people experience longer lasting results and bigger overall life changes with regular Reiki treatments. Depending on the situation subsequent sessions could be days, weeks or even a month apart. I recommend a series of at least 3 treatments to experience the power of Reiki, and then a maintenance schedule thereafter. Consult your Reiki practitioner, as well as your own intuition, for the best follow up treatment schedule.

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