I Heard Fiona Say No

Fiona is a beautiful miniature horse recently taken in by Luv Shack Ranch Horse Rescue. She seemed a bit down as if something was bothering her, so on my regular visit I stopped by to offer her Reiki.

I make it a practice to ask permission of anyone I’m offering Reiki too. I made a connection with Fiona and asked. I didn’t seem to get a response, so asked again. This time I heard “No” in a quiet, timid way. Just to make sure, I shared with her what Reiki was and even offered a distance treatment. Again I heard a soft “No” and this time she turned and walked away. I thanked her for the connection and let her be. This does not happen very often so I found myself reflecting upon the situation, grateful that I had asked before assuming she wanted Reiki.

We easily recognize when a person does not want Reiki, they will speak to us or move away. While animals will do the same, sometimes we aren’t in tune with their response. Here are a few suggestions when working with animals.

  • Animals often have things done to them or forced on them. Reiki should not be one of those things. Allowing the animal freedom of choice will build a trusting partnership for healing.
  • Always ask permission. This can be done verbally, silently within your mind, through a heart connections, or however you wish to connect with the animal.

If they do not wish to participate in a Reiki session there are many signs they may give. You may simply receive through intuition a “No”. Body language is often the first and best indicator that an animal does not want a treatment. Here are just a few physical signs:

• Walking away
• Stomping feet
• Swishing Tail
• Growling
• Signs of irritation
• Pacing

If you receive such signals adjust how you are offering the Reiki (hands-on, hands-off, short distance, further distance, etc.) If the signs persist and you do not feel Reiki flowing simply thank the animal and do not force Reiki upon them.

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