Good Grief

Reiki works at very personal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s common for my human clients to seek Reiki during times of grief or loss, whether that be a loved one, a job, or an abrupt change in life. It’s important to remember that animals feel grief and loss too.

Rose and Stella are two horses who arrived at Luv Shack feeling a great sense of loss and grief at the abrupt ending of their human companions life. Joey Ogburn, founder of Luv Shack Horse Rescue, instantly recognized what these two horses were experiencing and knew Reiki would help them find peace and comfort in transitioning to their new home.

Hungry and wary Rose and Stella watched me from a careful distance as I entered the arena where they were eating lunch. You could sense their gentle sweet spirits, as well as see their concern for each other as they settled into this new place. As I talked softly to them from a distance and opened my heart to listen I could feel the heaviness that was in their hearts. It brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes on this otherwise bright and sunny Arizona afternoon.

The Reiki shared with them that day was from a distance, and usually Rose was standing between me and Stella. Regardless I could feel the strength of three spirits connecting and the energy of Reiki filling the space between us. It was a session of understanding; releasing and experiencing peace at a very intimate level deep within our hearts. They continued to eat, move in close now and again for a sniff of my hands, and would occasionally stop and bask in the warmth of the sun as we shared Reiki that afternoon. When done, a definite feeling of calm and hope was shared by all.

Today, Rose and Stella are an intricate part of the herd. Enjoying the company of the other horses and the volunteers who eagerly care for them, they’ve made the transition from grief and concern to peace and harmony.

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