Finding Balance When You’re Standing in Mud

Muddy PrincessThis past weekend it rained in Phoenix.  I mean it RAINED!  We received 2”+ at the Ranch within about 36 hours.  It was definitely one of those gully washers (I’ve a new appreciation for that term since moving to Arizona where we can get months worth of rain in a day) that fills every dry creek and wash with torrents of rushing water. 

Generally it takes several days after such storms for the mud puddles to dry enough that you can walk through the turnouts and arena without slipping, sliding, and sinking.  Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep your balance, or keep from walking out of your shoes or boots!

Butler’s preference during these kinds of storms is to generally avoid any suggestion of mud unless he’s ready to roll.  Princess on the other hand can often be found laying, rolling and standing in the thickest, wettest, gooiest mud puddles to be found.  Of course it would be the white horse that loves the mud!

She often claims the best mud puddles for herself, and has a well thought out process to do just that.  If you were to watch her you’d see her walk around in them until she finds the spot she likes.  Then she proceeds to find the perfect place to put each hoof.  Sometimes she’ll dig a little mud out until it’s just right, other times she’ll move a little mud under a foot until she’s created the perfect footing.   It actually looks like quite a methodical process, as she tests weight on each foot until she finds the perfect balance.  I dare say she has a content, happy smile on her face at this point.

I share this with you as a metaphor for finding balance and stability whenever you find yourself on unstable ground or standing in the mud.  Sometimes we can’t avoid these situations, and sometimes we find ourselves in one before we know it.  Regardless of whether it’s by choice or circumstance, you’ll from time to time find yourself standing in mud. 

The next time your find yourself standing in a metaphoric mud puddle remember Princess.  Find a way to stabilize each foot.  Maybe you’ll have to dig a little deeper, or bring in a little more mud to find the perfect footing.  Test it out, try it out, change it as needed, and learn to recognize when you’ve found balance.  Once you find balance, however it looks or feels, you’ll have taken your power back from the mud that’s caused you to slip, slide, or roll.  It’s from this stable footing that your next steps will become clear and filled with the strength and confidence of empowerment.

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  1. Caryl Anne says:

    Great article! I love learning life's lessons through experiences like this. It motivating and inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

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