Finding Balance in a Squirrel Hole

A few nights ago I was in my horsey “zen zone” cleaning stalls and headed to the dumpster with a wheelbarrow full of the smelly stuff.  This is my time to let the world fade away and simply be present.  Ahead of me a saw what looked to be a stick on the dirt driveway.  Moving closer I realized it wasn’t a stick.

Living in diamondback country I naturally slowed my approach as my heart began to beat a little quicker.   Closer inspection revealed it was only part of the snake, the rest of him was slowly entering a squirrel hole.  With his head down the hole I knew I could safely get closer to see what kind of snake it was, discovering he was a Bull snake – who will strike but isn’t venomous.  My next thought was for the cute little ground squirrel I had made friends with over the past few months, knowing he was likely on the dinner menu.

Many things ran through my mind as I watched the scene unfold and the snake slowly disappear down the hole.  One of them was awareness that the scene I was watching was nature maintaining balance and harmony, and how delicate maintaining that balance is.  Removing snakes from the yard would tip the balance and those cute little ground squirrels would quickly overrun and take over becoming not so cute.

The next thought was one of those “ah-ha” moments.  We all seek to find balance in our lives – only in some cases it doesn’t appear as we think it should.  Therefore we either don’t recognize it or hold out and resist until it looks the way we want it.  Sometimes balance is warm and fuzzy, and sometimes it’s abrupt and in your face.  Holding out for warm and fuzzy can mean we never find the balance we seek.

By this time the rest of the world had disappeared and I found myself reflecting upon where in my life I sought balance and where I might be overlooking opportunities that were already present.  Suddenly the walls of the perceived “box” came tumbling down.  I saw for the first time where balance was naturally trying to present itself in a specific situation that I had not recognized before.  I had expected it to look and feel a certain way and had rejected anything that didn’t match exactly what I had in mind.  And guess what?  This new found balance supports me and the situation far better than what I had in mind.

Where in your life is balance presenting itself in a manner different than you expect?  How might being open to this balance support you far better than you could imagine?  Go ahead – take deep breath, allowing your attention to drop into your heart center.  Consider a situation where you desire balance, and open your heart to experience how balance may be presenting itself.  You may be surprised at what you discover.

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  1. Nancy Troupe says:

    Awesome. Thank you for the insight into looking at nature to help us discover more about ourselves.   :-))  ~Nancy

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