Equine Guided Discovery™

Connecting you with the wisdom and emotional strength of a horse guide and partner, you’ll embark on a personal journey like no other.  Horses are masters at sensing our emotions and reading our intentions.  By mirroring our truest feelings and providing immediate feedback horses can lead us down the path of self discovery, revealing thought and behavior patterns that keep us from embracing our personal power.  They often provide insight and answers that might otherwise be ignored or overlooked if shared by a human counterpart.

You’ll work either one-on-one or within a herd of gentle horses, in a safe, non-judgmental, transformative environment.  All work is done on the ground so horse experience isn’t necessary.  What you’ll experience with the horse is shared without exchanging words and will come directly from the heart.  It’s a very personal experience and no two are ever alike.

Equine Guided Discovery™ supports you to:

  • Achieve greater emotional awareness so you become strong and centered in your truth
  • Increase heart-mind-body connection so you can embrace life with passion and certainty
  • Create a connection with Nature so you experience the support in the world around you
  • Manage difficult life transitions with ease and grace
  • Strengthen self trust and personal insight through the guidance of the horse
  • Experience an adventure in self-discovery that nurtures and empowers you at the same time

Working with the horses at Fire Horse Ranch is a guided process where the horses act as your coach.  You'll discover and experience beliefs, actions, and emotions that block you and keep you from moving forward.  Your work with the horses will be an in-the-moment experience of self-discovery, growth and empowerment that changes lives.

Personal sessions are 90 minutes and conducted with compassion and confidentiality.  Please dress for the weather and wear clothes that can get dirty as you'll be working directly with the horses.  Close toed shoes are required. 

Equine Guided Discovery™ is a form of Equine Assisted Activites and Therpaies (EAAT).  What is EAAT?  Read our article Healing with Horses, published in Natural Horse Magaine October 2014.

Wondering what Equine Guided Discovery™ can do for you you? Read our article "The Whisper of a Horse" published in Natural Horse magazine, July 2013..

Please contact us to schedule your personal session or if you have any questions.

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