Does Reiki Make You Cry?

I just received a beautiful thank you card from a client who had a session last week.  Here’s what she said “Thank you for making me cry.  My experience was releasing, beautiful and opened my heart with love.”

There’s a lot of energy released in tears.  You’ve probably had an experience where you felt better after a good cry.  Tears tap into the emotions behind thoughts, believes, and experiences, many of which we hold in that may lead to energy blocks within our physical and energy bodies.

During a Reiki session clients can experience a variety of emotions and the releasing of the energy behind them.  When this energetic release is expressed it can release in the form of tears.  Tears of sadness, joy, grief, happiness, or a wide variety of other emotions.  Yet, the effect is still the same – a releasing of energy.  If kept blocked inside this stagnant energy can lead to a variety of things – depression, weight gain, addictive behaviors, and any number of physical and mental health issues.

Can you release this energy without Reiki?  Absolutely!  The question is do you know this energy block even exists?  Until the session began, my client mentioned above did not.  She only knew there was some sort of block, something that didn’t feel right, between her heart and her throat. She’d even considered going to the doctor to see if there was something physically wrong. Only when we started working with the energy of memories and beliefs during her session did a greater understanding come into her awareness, and through Reiki this block was released.

There are many ways Reiki can create balance and harmony in your life.  This is just one example.  What would you like to release and let go?  Consider how a Reiki session can support you in releasing stagnant or blocked energy and restore the natural flow of vibrant life force energy within you!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I was getting a massage and @ end of massage Reiki was performed on my head.I felt so much love and compassion poring through her hands and washing through me.I began feeling the beauty and pain of life.Cried. Was a lttle emabarrased ,but this lady was kind.It was very short experince. I want to have Rieki again.

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