Diesel Quickly Responds

Diesel is a very large, handsome Great Dane. He had a rough start to life, but has found a safe and happy home where he is now thriving. However, that was not always the case. Due to a health condition and life threatening side effects of the medication he was on his human companion Karen was just about out of options and facing a tough decision. The only procedure left they hadn’t tried was a blood transfusion, which unfortunately due to the cost was not an option. He was going down hill fast. He was not eating, drinking, or pooping and hadn’t for days.

You could tell when talking to Karen her heart was broken and she felt helpless. I asked her if she would like me to do a Reiki session with Diesel, to which she answered “Yes!”

That afternoon I knocked on Karen’s door and heard a deep throaty bark in reply. Having Great Danes myself I couldn’t help but smile, realizing how intimidating it sounded from the this of the door. Karen and Diesel greeted me and Diesel and I settled into a Reiki session.

It took a little bit for Diesel to relax into the treatment. When he finally did he rolled over on his side and you could see the tension drift out of his body. It was a deep and focused session, and I mostly worked hands-off until the very end. There was much to feel energetically with areas that were slow and stagnant, and areas that needed to be built up. It never ceases to amaze me how open animals are to Reiki and how easily they accept the energy. An hour flew by before I felt the energy begin to subside. I finished by lightly brushing his legs from the shoulder/hip to the pads of his paws. When I got up to leave Diesel stayed in his deep Reiki sleep.

I shared with Karen and her husband information about the session and some things to watch for over the coming days. And asked her to call me if she saw any changes or had questions. I hadn’t been home more than 20 minutes when the phone rang and it was Karen. When she had gone back into the house Diesel got up, stretched, drank water, ate some food, and went outside and pooped. Not once, but several times. That was great news!

A little over a week later I received another call from Karen. Diesel had again stopped eating, drinking, and pooping. Could I please come back? Her husband was a bit skeptical about all this Reiki stuff, and figured it was merely a coincidence that Diesel improved within minutes of his session. However, Karen believed.

This time Karen stayed in the room with us during the session. Reiki can’t be the most exciting thing to watch, but I find that the comfort and support of the animal’s person greatly adds to the session. This time Diesel quickly relaxed into the session and it proceeded much like the first one. I could feel the energy working at very deep levels, strengthening and building those areas that were depleted. The flow of his physical energy was compromised, but didn’t seem as severe as the first session. And he quickly responded to the Reiki.

Karen reported a few day later that again after the session was complete and I left, Diesel headed for the water bowl. This time it wasn’t just a good drink, it was a huge drink! He ate a some food and then headed outside to poop. And he has been going strong since. The latest blood work shows he is healthy!

As far as Karen’s husband…the weekend following the second treatment they went camping and he openly shared with friends and family the incredible results he saw from Reiki.

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