Chasing Birds

This morning my dog Maddie was running around the backyard chasing birds.  I heard myself say to her “If you only had wings” thinking then she’d really give those birds a run for their money.  In an instant I heard her reply “Well, then I wouldn’t be a dog!”, and she happily continued barking and running after the birds.

At first I chuckled thinking how funny this simple statement was.  Then I realized the great wisdom lying within.  How sometimes our wish to be something or someone else doesn’t serve us and creates confusion.

In my work supporting women and animals experiencing life transitions, I’ve seen time and time again how confusion disconnects one from their truth.  How it deflates your energy and forward momentum.  How it can leave you feeling hopeless and stuck, giving your power away to the circumstance or people around you.

In Maddie’s case if she had decided to think less of who she is, wishing that "if she only had wings things would be different", she'd have missed the joy of being a dog and chasing the birds because it was fun.

Owning and acknowledging your truth empowers you to stay present and consciously make supportive life choices.  Owning your personal power also empowers those around you to do the same.

The next time you catch yourself wishing you were someone else, had something else, or were some place else simply find joy in chasing your own birds.

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