Navigating The Times Ahead with Confidence

Throughout the world big changes are regularly taking place. Surrounding each of these changes is a sea of strong emotions and energy, both positive and negative. And it’s in this sea of emotions and energy that many are feeling tossed around, battered, and challenged. When this happens it can make you feel powerless, overwhelmed, hopeless, […] Read more »

Degrees of Change

The past few weeks in working with clients I’ve noticed a recurring theme. And, in the event you’re experiencing the same thing I want to take just a moment to call it out.   You have dreams, and often envision a lifedifferent from where you are now. Yet sometimes in the process of thinking or […] Read more »

Clarity = Opportunity

It’s not planned or premeditated, yet acted upon whenever the opportunity arises. If a gate has been left unchained or ajar it’s only a matter of minutes before Princess has seized the opportunity and is out exploring places she couldn’t get to just seconds before. And usually, she doesn’t go alone. If you’ve ever seen […] Read more »

Weathering The Storm

It was a normal morning, me sitting at the computer responding to emails, dogs napping on the window seat, and light gray clouds beginning to gather in the sky. They didn't look threatening and were keeping the heat of the sun at bay, always a welcome reprieve during summer in the desert. Lost in reading […] Read more »

Messy and Life Changing

It happens frequently, and when it does you feel the change. Sometimes it's a subtle shift that seems to happen without much effort, and other times there's a lot of emotion and energy that goes into it. However one experiences it, the outcome is worth it. A coming into a state of congruency that aligns […] Read more »

Blowing in the Wind

It was an overcast Saturday morning in June.  A storm was moving in with strong winds and the promise of rain.  High winds in the desert mean lots of dust, and in June the plentiful yellow blooms of the Verde and Mesquite trees filling the air and being playfully pushed along the ground.  They found […] Read more »

Size Does Matter

Max is a 6 year old miniature horse.  But don’t let his size fool you, it’s just a physical characteristic.  I’m sure Max knows he’s physically smaller than the other horses in our herd.  They can reach things he can’t, he can walk underneath them if he wanted, and larger horses like Butler and Princess […] Read more »

Running The Fence

From the moment they first touched noses Butler and Princess have been inseparable.  This strong bond is often admired by those who see it.  However, when it’s necessary to separate them for training, riding, care, etc., this bond can create a lot of drama. A few days ago I left Butler in the arena while […] Read more »

Grow Where You’re Planted?

"Grow where you’re planted.”  “Bloom where you’re planted.”  Both are common quotes you’ve likely heard before.  In general, I agree with making the best of your circumstances.  However, after six years of living in the Sonoran Desert, I’ve met many fair weathered plants that would disagree with these inspirational quotes. A few weeks ago I […] Read more »

Around It or Through It?

Over the past several weeks I’ve watched it happen time and time again, and have even done it myself.  Once I became aware of it I realized all of us were doing it – human, horse, and dog. Some may call it the path of least resistance.  And if what I witnessed had been hard […] Read more »

Too Focused On The Result

As I put the halter on Butler and headed towards the fence there were a few butterflies in my stomach.  It had been a while since Butler and I had worked on learning anything new.  I was excited about just being out and spending time with him, and was hoping he would be as excited […] Read more »

Bring Out Your Sparkle with Confidence

The bright, sparkly necklace had been tucked away safely in my jewelry box since the day I brought it home, nearly four years ago. It was a raffle item I bought a ticket for on a whim. Afterwards I chided myself for being impulsive, as I don’t often go places I'd wear a necklace like […] Read more »

Wish Upon A Star

Several years ago, before I had horses of my own, I was sitting under a star-filled sky on a warm August night.  Lost amongst the stars I was reflecting on how long I’d been inspired by horses and how I was bitten by the horse bug at a very young age.  As a child they […] Read more »

Riding Into Perspective

Birds were chirping and a light breeze was playing with Butler’s mane as we rode up Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.  Miles away there were different types of commutes occurring on this same street as people rode in cars, trains, and buses to their city destinations in high rise buildings.  I thought about the irony […] Read more »

Are Your Gates Open?

On a hot Saturday afternoon I went out to move the horses into the shade and feed lunch.  In the process of putting out lunch and moving everyone Princess, our escape artist, opened the gate to the arena and let everyone out.  Usually not a problem as the horse area of the yard is completely […] Read more »

Scars That Blossom

Several years ago an unusual storm swept through the Phoenix Valley, pelting anything outdoors with golf ball size hail.  This small cactus happened to be caught in the volley of hail flung from the sky that day. Over the years it has struggled to survive.  I’ve often wondered if it would make it, and some […] Read more »

That’s My Pile of Hay

Butler intently surveys the piles of hay laid out for breakfast.  Then he makes his move.  Walking forward he pins his ears at whoever happens to be eating off the pile he’s chosen.  If that goes ignored he steps his game up a notch or two by baring his teeth, taking a quick nip at […] Read more »

Courage and Strength – The Stuff Your Legend is Made Of

You hear stories of great racehorses digging deep within; harnessing the courage and strength to break away from the pack and win a race.  History celebrates these moments of grand triumph as these stories are retold time and again, some even becoming legends. I want to share a story about a racehorse with just as […] Read more »