Tapestry of Life

Yesterday I said goodbye to a very dear friend Bingo.  She and I have been sharing regular Reiki sessions over the past year, and it’s an appointment I always looked forward to.  During our sessions she often shared an image of a tapestry – one that was continually being changed and added to.  I came […] Read more »

Is This The Same Dog?

Bingo is Tracy’s soul companion and a retired agility dog. At nearly 15 years old her body is tired and she’s eased into a comfortable retirement. Like many dogs her age one can see the spirit and strength of the soul encased by an aging physical body. To support Bingo in this phase of her […] Read more »

Hands Off!

Chopper, a beautiful 7 year old brindle Boxer, has been with her human Dad since she was 6 weeks old. Recently her human parents noticed slight changes in her food intake, energy levels, and behaviors that over time signaled to them that something wasn’t quite right. This is where I come into the story and […] Read more »

Know What’s In Your Heart

The time had finally come after 40 years of dreaming to finally find a horse of my own. Because of my work with rescues, it was no surprise when I got a call from Joey at Luv Shack Horse Rescue. She said she’d found my horse. He was being fostered not too far away and […] Read more »

Good Grief

Reiki works at very personal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s common for my human clients to seek Reiki during times of grief or loss, whether that be a loved one, a job, or an abrupt change in life. It’s important to remember that animals feel grief and loss too. Rose and Stella are […] Read more »

Reiki and Veterinary Care

Bubba had an earache, Twister had sand colic, Comet has bulging disks, Duchess had an inoperable blockage in her digestive system, Max has struggled keeping weight on, and Caje has a sprained ankle. These are just a few of the animals I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past weeks. Their symptoms ranged […] Read more »

Is Animal Reiki Safe for Practitioners?

As part of my Animal Reiki classes and shares I emphasize the importance of safety for both people and animals. When treating a person we don’t often consider such an issue as we are generally comfortable with the people we treat, as well as in a controlled environment such as a treatment room. However, treating […] Read more »

Fievel’s First Round Up

Just like Fievel the mouse in An American Tale, Fievel the horse had a big adventure in the Wild West. At only a few weeks old he wandered into a cattle roundup without his Momma. Knowing he wouldn’t make it on his own he was taken in and eventually made his way to Luv Shack […] Read more »

An Unexpected Exchange

Yesterday at the Animal Reiki Share we had a small group, which provides an opportunity to talk and share more within the group. Those attending were fairly new to energy healing and Reiki, and in the previous shares had been getting their “sea legs” or “Reiki legs” so to speak. Learning what energy felt like, […] Read more »

Reiki at 112 Degrees

Let me just start out saying, it’s HOT in Phoenix, AZ! And believe it or not even at temperatures above 110 degrees, there were some wonderful Reiki practitioners that came out to the monthly Animal Reiki share yesterday to work with the horses at Luv Shack Horse Rescue. The conditions that met us that day […] Read more »

The Nature of Healing

I’m often asked, “What are the effects of a Reiki session?” At the very most basic and beneficial level it promotes relaxation. Why is relaxation so important? There are many reasons and we’ll simply focus on the 3 million new red blood cells created each second in our body. When our bodies are under stress, […] Read more »

I Heard Fiona Say No

Fiona is a beautiful miniature horse recently taken in by Luv Shack Ranch Horse Rescue. She seemed a bit down as if something was bothering her, so on my regular visit I stopped by to offer her Reiki. I make it a practice to ask permission of anyone I’m offering Reiki too. I made a […] Read more »

One Reiki Students Experience

In talking to people about Energy Healing and what it takes to learn Reiki I often hear that people believe it takes years to develop the ability. And while years of practice at anything does improve your skills, even a beginning student can, and often will, have a profound moment when they feel the energy […] Read more »

Healing With Valora

In my work with horse rescues I see many cases of severe abuse and neglect. Stories that leave one wondering how anyone could think it right to treat any living thing the way they do. This week I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful, resilient mare named Valora. Her story is now a […] Read more »

The Lesson of One

Last week at the Animal Reiki Share I host at Dreamchaser Horse Rescue we had a unique experience. Something we had not experienced before. Its common when we go to the rescue to have several animals that need attention, as well as those that each individual is drawn to work with. That day wasn’t any […] Read more »

From Crash Landing to Flying High

While intently working at my computer the other morning I heard a big thud against the sliding glass door in the other room and then heard Maddie (our Shepherd mix) get all excited about something. Knowing what this all meant I quickly ran outside to keep her away from the bird I was afraid was […] Read more »

Farewell To Bravo

The first time you meet Bravo you can’t help but be in awe of his majestic physical presence. A handsome paint that towers above you. As you get to know him you quickly recognize the power, wisdom and depth of his soul. Bravo was the alpha horse in the Luv Shack herd, and the best […] Read more »

Grace, Gratitude & Peace

This morning as I was reflecting on the many wonderful things I have to be thankful for, my thoughts drifted to three amazing teachers I recently had the pleasure to learn from. What I learned from them will be with me forever. I met these beautiful teachers on a dark, cool Arizona night. There is […] Read more »

Being Flexible

Raph is a 28 year old flea bitten gelding who is a favorite at Luv Shack Horse Rescue. He even likes to kiss! He has melanoma and has more good days than not. However, there are times he needs a little help. I’ve worked on and off with Raph over the months. He is particular […] Read more »

Diesel Quickly Responds

Diesel is a very large, handsome Great Dane. He had a rough start to life, but has found a safe and happy home where he is now thriving. However, that was not always the case. Due to a health condition and life threatening side effects of the medication he was on his human companion Karen […] Read more »

The Pieces Come Together

Often during a session there is open communication between the one offering Reiki and the one receiving, whether the receiver is human or animal. Not in the typical fashion that we humans are accustomed to, rather an intuitive communication that comes through in many different way. Sometimes it’s seeing pictures in your minds eye, other […] Read more »

A Rocky Road Leads to Peace

Lyra is a beautiful strawberry roan and once you meet her you know she’s a sweetheart through and through. She was being fostered and was returned to the rescue because she had stopped eating and was rapidly losing weight. Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet and work with her. At first she wasn’t […] Read more »

Onion Clay and Stitches

Several weeks ago Zeke was rescued from a killer buyer. (A person who buys horses at auction or other places to send to slaughter. They make their money by selling the animal to the slaughter house for a set price per pound.) He was an otherwise healthy young gelding who had the misfortune of tearing […] Read more »

Morning Reiki with a Coyote Friend

This morning while my husband and I were cleaning up the kitchen we looked at the window and saw a coyote limping through the yard. Something was wrong with one of his front paws, as he was only walking on three legs. He stopped for a minute and looked at the house before continuing on […] Read more »

Bandit Knows Best

Last night I received a call from a good friend Georgia about her horse Bandit. (He is going through rehabilitation at Luv Shack Horse Rescue and she will adopt him when he’s ready.) Seems he was down and wouldn’t get up. She called a neighbor who helped him on his feet. They could tell he […] Read more »

Animal Reiki to the Rescue

This blog comes from the promptings of my wonderful husband Mark, who is urging me to write about the experiences I’m having with Animal Reiki, and great friend Mary, who has also been prompting me to start a blog and even helped me set it up. Both are a great source of inspiration and amazing […] Read more »