Bring Out Your Sparkle with Confidence

The bright, sparkly necklace had been tucked away safely in my jewelry box since the day I brought it home, nearly four years ago. It was a raffle item I bought a ticket for on a whim. Afterwards I chided myself for being impulsive, as I don’t often go places I'd wear a necklace like this. Over the years I’ve taken it out and put it on for just a few minutes and looked in the mirror to admire it. Then I’d put it away again.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a weekend seminar. On the last day of the seminar as I was getting ready to go the sparkle of the necklace caught my eye, and as usual I quickly dismissed wearing it. Before I knew it I’d taken it out, put it on, and glanced in the mirror like I had many times before. Just as I went to take it off a thought crossed my mind, “Why not wear it today? It looks great with your outfit and it makes you feel good.” And so for the first time since I brought it home, I wore it.

What happened the rest of the day surprised me. I felt bright, sparkly and brilliant too! I stood straighter, walked with greater confidence, and felt great! Was it just the necklace? No, mostly it was what the necklace represented – something special. Not ordinary or common, something unique, unusual, and extraordinary.

Metaphorically speaking, what do you have tucked safely away in your jewelry box that is bright and sparkly? What part of your brilliance are you hiding that’s bursting at the seams to come out? Bring it out and put it on, stand a littler straighter, walk with greater confidence, and let yourself feel great in every part of your being. Today is your day!

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