Blowing in the Wind

WindmillIt was an overcast Saturday morning in June.  A storm was moving in with strong winds and the promise of rain.  High winds in the desert mean lots of dust, and in June the plentiful yellow blooms of the Verde and Mesquite trees filling the air and being playfully pushed along the ground.  They found their way into every nook and cranny, creating mounds and heaps in corners, along fences, against bushes, and anything that stood in their way. 

Despite the big gusts that playfully encouraged the hat on my head to fly, I found myself tuning into the rhythm and energy of the wind and nature around me.  Thoughts began to enter into my mind – messages from the wind.  There was a sense and order to them, each shedding light into an area of my life.  These messages were meant to be shared and here are some of them:

  1. Use the momentum and energy of the wind to release debris in your life.  Be that physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual debris. 

Often the wind, particularly the 20 – 30 mph gusts that were present that day, can send you seeking shelter.The next time you experience wind, whether a light breeze or storm powered gusts, sit or stand outside and allow its momentum and energy to blow through your body releasing that which you are ready to let go.

If you’d like to do this and it isn’t a windy day, find a quiet place to sit and recall a time you stood in the wind.From this memory bring the energy of the wind into your space and allow its energy to blow through your body and in the space around you.Allow that which is no longer useful to be released.

  1. Use the force and energy of the wind to recognize blocks within yourself.

In your mind’s eye, imagine the force and energy of the wind moving through an area of your life (be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) and notice where it seems to get blocked.  Be curious and explore the information and personal messages of this particular block.  Do you want to keep it or is it time to remove it?

  • What is the block? 
  • How does it react to the block?
  • Does it go around, over, under or through it? 
  • What else do you notice about the experience?
  • What messages or knowing are you becoming aware of through this experience?
  1. When your life is relatively clear, there’s little for debris blown by the wind to get stuck and/or trapped in.

Where do you have beliefs, stories, emotions, thoughts, or memories scattered about that belong elsewhere, maybe even in the garbage?It’s likely time to clean them up, put them where you want them, and allow the wind to blow through your life without leaving a trail of debris stuck in your nooks and crannies.

My experience that day was that in the areas of the yard where things had been stacked, set aside, or otherwise ignored, the debris piled up against these things, creating more work.  Not only did I have debris to clean up, I also needed to clean up whatever it had piled up against. Most of which had another place it should have been kept or even thrown away.

  1. When debris gets stuck, removing the obstacle can allow the wind to easily sweep it away. 

Yes, it can be that easy! Near the wood pile where pieces of wood had been scattered by the horses or dogs, simply picking up the wood and stacking it properly allowed the wind to blow the debris away.It didn’t require any other effort on my part.

It’s easy to get stuck in the story behind why on obstacle or barrier is in our life.  STOP!  This creates attachment and familiarity that can make it harder to release.  Pick up the obstacle and remove it. 

  1. If you’re prepared you can enjoy the period of wind in your life. 

Preparedness can be different things in the wind.  It might be dressing appropriately, having things you want to keep in place properly secured, keeping things clear with very few places for debris to gather, or having sturdy shelter to protect you.

For instance, if I’m worrying about whether the tarp over the hay is securely fastened it’s really not possible to enjoy the wind.  However if I know the tarp is secure, then the wind can blow all it wants and I can relax.

The wind is a force of nature; an energy that can either work for or against you.  Do you feel like you’re walking against the wind?  Being pushed around?  Blown off course?  Or, do you feel the wind at your back, supporting your forward movement?  Clearing the path ahead? Or blowing the dark clouds away?  Only you can decide which.  Just as the windmill harnesses the power of the wind to generate power, so can you!

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