Being Flexible

Raph is a 28 year old flea bitten gelding who is a favorite at Luv Shack Horse Rescue. He even likes to kiss! He has melanoma and has more good days than not. However, there are times he needs a little help.

I’ve worked on and off with Raph over the months. He is particular about receiving Reiki and openly communicates his desires. Sometimes we work together and other days we don’t. A while ago, during my regular Reiki day at the ranch, he was having a down day and I was asked to work with him. He was standoffish so I made the rounds of the others and waited until last to see Raph. When it was his turn he made it known he wasn’t interested. So I thanked him and moved off. I hadn’t taken 10 steps when I felt a nudge from behind. I turned around to see Raph softly looking at me. He requested that I connect with him later for a distance treatment. Which I gladly did! It was a great session.

Last Monday was again one of my regular Reiki volunteer days and Raph had been taken out of the herd and was in “sick bay”. He was not feeling good and having a difficult time pooping. And yes, I do realize this is the second poop post in a row. 🙂 We had a nice long session and about half way through the session the tummy noises started up with a fury and lots of food and energy were moving around. I asked him if he would poop and he replied with a little impatience “Yes, but it takes time”. I couldn’t help but smile and love him for his direct way! We continued working and just as things were wrapping up he had a normal bowel movement – the first in a while. I couldn’t have been happier!

Early the next morning, around 4:30 a.m., I was gently but firmly brought out of my sleep by Raph. He wanted another distance session. As soon as I connected I felt his discomfort. We worked for awhile and by the end of the session I could feel the fluid movement of his energy from head to tail. Much more natural flowing and free than yesterday. Amazing!

Later that morning I send Joey a text to let her know about our morning session and check on Raph. She said he was doing much better and going back out with the herd. Great news!

A couple days later I was at Luv Shack and standing with my back towards the herd. It was lunch time and everyone was focused on their pile of hay. I was talking with several people and one of them said “Look who’s coming up to the gate.” I turned and there was Raph quickly walking up to the gate to say “Hi”. This was not a normal behavior for Raph and we knew he was coming to see me.

To me there is nothing more rewarding! It’s in moments like these that my heart over flows with love and appreciation for Reiki and the animals I have the opportunity to meet and work with.

I learn something from each animal. Raph has taught me to be flexible. Some days we work together in a hands-on session, other days it will be a distance session, and there are times we won’t work together at all. It is all about the animal and working with them for their highest and best good.

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