Bandit Knows Best

Last night I received a call from a good friend Georgia about her horse Bandit. (He is going through rehabilitation at Luv Shack Horse Rescue and she will adopt him when he’s ready.) Seems he was down and wouldn’t get up. She called a neighbor who helped him on his feet. They could tell he wasn’t feeling well, but not sure what was going on. Joey, founder of Luv Shack was away from the ranch and heading back home. Knowing help was on the way she called and asked if I could help Bandit with some Reiki.

My first thought was to go over, as they are less than 5 minutes from me. I then realized that there would be people checking him over and lots of activity going on and distance Reiki may be the better way to support Bandit. And so I began….

Almost immediately Bandit let me know that he didn’t feel good. Not knowing exactly why he was not feeling good I began doing a full body treatment for Bandit. Within several minutes I kept seeing in my minds eye his lower back, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Realizing this is where he wanted to be treated I began focusing on that area. I immediately felt an increase in the flow of Reiki as my hands heated up and the usual tingle became very strong. The Reiki continued to flow very strong for nearly 30 minutes, and then gently began to subside.

During this time I kept hearing the word ‘achy’ and sensed it was the word that described what he was feeling in that area. Near the end of the treatment he finally relaxed and his energy seemed to soften, with the edginess fading away. The session ended with a wonderful ‘Thank You’ from Bandit.

After the session ended I called Georgia to let her know. She indicated that the areas where I worked were the areas that Bandit did not want to be touched and seemed to be the most uncomfortable. Georgia also mentioned that achy seemed to describe what they were seeing as well, and finally Bandit had also relaxed and was not quite as edgy.

It was a wonderful reminder to allow the animal to direct where Reiki is most needed. Sometimes not knowing the exact circumstances frees me from any expectation and allows me and the animal to work together as partners in healing. I am thankful for the great reminder from Bandit to trust and allow that Reiki flows for the highest good.

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