Around It or Through It?

Over the past several weeks I’ve watched it happen time and time again, and have even done it myself.  Once I became aware of it I realized all of us were doing it – human, horse, and dog.

Some may call it the path of least resistance.  And if what I witnessed had been hard or challenging I might agree.  However, I don’t think this is the case.

Several weeks ago I put up an obstacle.  It was simply a landscaping log placed on two cinder blocks.  It was a low enough to be easy to move over, yet high enough to cause one to think about where their feet were going.  I put it in place to do some work with several of the horses.  Because it was relatively out of the way, I left it up so I could use it without having to put it up and down each time.

It was placed near the route where horses walk to and from their stalls, and where we stack the hay.  Without exception, unless one was specifically directed over it, everyone walked around it.  Human, horse, and dog. In fact, each had to make the specific decision to go around it, at the cost of extra steps, rather than over it – the shorter route.

I soon realized that even though it was minor, each of us saw it as an obstacle.  Something to be avoided and go around, when in all actuality it was quicker and just as easy to go over it.

How often does an obstacle appear in front of us, and we instinctively go around it, avoid it, or stop in our tracks?  Once we’ve avoided something, how easy is it to avoid it the next time it appears, often without even thinking about it as it becomes a habit?  How easy is it to make the obstacle bigger and harder to transcend than it really is, giving our power away to the obstacle?

The next time you experience something in your path, rather than go around it, take a moment and see it for what it really is.  An experience, an opportunity, and/or an achievement that may take a little courage, yet will empower you with wisdom, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment when you move beyond it.

May you experience in the coming year perceived obstacles that melt away when faced with courage, confidence and strength.

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  1. Nancy Troupe says:

    Hi Diana,
    You are so very helpful in teaching us how to turn ordinary daily activities and obsevations into life lessons.   You notice the sublime.  I love reading your posts.  Thank you.  And Happy New Year!!

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