Animal Reiki to the Rescue

This blog comes from the promptings of my wonderful husband Mark, who is urging me to write about the experiences I’m having with Animal Reiki, and great friend Mary, who has also been prompting me to start a blog and even helped me set it up. Both are a great source of inspiration and amazing supporters!

A year ago I began offering a monthly Reiki Share for animals, inviting Reiki practitioners of all backgrounds and experience to join us at a local horse rescue, Dreamchaser Horse Rescue. Each month I am continually blessed by both the people who join us and the animals we work with. It has been an amazing journey and a wonderful opportunity to continue to grow within my own personal Reiki practice.

Today, I regularly volunteer Reiki at several rescues, and am working with people and their pets in my public practice. I teach both Reiki and Animal Reiki classes and place a high emphasis on educating the public about what Reiki is and what is can do.

Aside from the many animal friends I make in my work Mark and I have two dogs, Caje and Maddie, who share their lives with us. Caje is a 4 year old Great Dane, and Maddie, is a lively 9 month old Australian/German Shepherd mix. Both are wonderful companions and teachers. I’m sure they will be regular contributors to this blog as well. 🙂

So, I guess it’s now official, as this is my first blog! If you would like to follow my adventures in the world of Animal Reiki, especially in rescues and shelters, please visit often. Or, click on the “Follow” button in the right column to join my on Animal Reiki adventures.


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