And Then There Were Three

Part 2 of a 2-part story.  Read Part 1:  Bre and Max Barnaby

You know those times in your life when you want something, yet aren’t quite sure how it’s going to happen?  A few months ago I found myself right smack in the middle of such a conundrum. The work we’re doing here at Fire Horse Ranch is growing, and it was time to consider expanding our herd. 

Lots of things ran through my mind as I considered the possibility of bringing another horse into our family.  Was the timing right?  Did I have the resources to support another horse?  Where would I find one?  Full size or miniature?  Several months back I’d met a mini horse at a horse clinic who’d stuck in my mind and had me considering this possibility. 

I found myself getting caught up in the what if’s and how to’s and getting a bit overwhelmed.  Then I recalled what I’d done when I was ready to get my first horse five years ago.  At that time each evening I’d walk outside and stand under a starry sky and send up a heartfelt call to the Universe, trusting it was being heard by whoever needed to hear it.  (Read my article Wish Upon A Star, part of the story about how Butler and Princess came to be at Fire Horse Ranch.)

The words may have varied slightly from night to night all those years ago, but the general message was “Where ever you are know that I’m preparing for you and will welcome you with open arms and lots of love.”  And so I again began sending this heartfelt message to the heavens, anticipating that when the timing was right I’d receive a message back.

Each night I wondered who this horse was.  What breed, color, size, age, gender, circumstance, etc.  What were the circumstances around his/her current home?  When and how would we meet?  And despite all the details I wondered about, I knew the power of bringing us together was letting go of any expectations, and having faith that all would be as it should. 

On a Friday afternoon several months later as I was getting ready to walk away from my computer a message popped up on Facebook.  It was from Bre, who owned the miniature horse named Max I’d met at the horse clinic several months ago.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read her words.  After much soul searching she was honoring a promise she made to him many months ago when she brought him home.  You see, it is in her vision to help people heal through horses and she knew Max was a natural fit for this.  Yet the time just wasn’t right for her, but Max was ready.  Would I be interested?

A mixture of emotions erupted within – excitement, reassuring peace, a warm feeling in my heart, tears of joy, and a knowing that this was the answer to my heartfelt nightly message to the heavens.

“Yes” was all but out of my mouth before common sense jumped in and reminded me I’d better talk with my husband first!  Several years ago I’d committed to taking Princess home before I’d talked to him, which fortunately he was okay with.  However I figured I’d only have a few of those moments of grace to rely on, so I’d better reign in the horses so to speak before I committed.  It was only a few hours before all the details were arranged and we were preparing for Max to arrive.

I felt excited and giddy, much like a young girl on countless Christmas Eve’s nights wondering if this was the year the unbelievable would happen and I’d find a horse under the tree. 

After the dust settled a warm wave of gratitude washed over me as I reflected on how yet again my message to the heavens had been received and answered.  How seemingly serendipitous events had actually been divinely orchestrated.  How the circumstances surrounding this situation were perfect, for all involved.  And the blessing of being both a witness and the recipient to one of the greatest acts of unconditional love – helping someone you love, as dearly as life itself, move on.

Hearing Bre’s commitment to Max, the saying “If you love somebody let them go…” kept going through my mind.  And while I understand the message in these words, it was truly beautiful to see them in action.  This was not any easy decision for Bre, yet her deep love for Max was the inspiration to fight through her own attachments to both Max and the situation they found themselves in and keep her promise to him. 

Part of me felt great sadness and a sense of lose as I put myself in her situation imagining the emotions, feelings, and heartache involved in making such a difficult decision.  And another part of me felt the peace and calm that comes from knowing deep down in your heart you’ve made the right choice. 

And ultimately I was in awe and mesmerized by the experience of witnessing such a powerful love shared by two souls who knew their time together had come to a close. 

Max is a beautiful blessing in my life, as well as those of you who have already had the opportunity to work with him.  Nary a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the chapter in his story that reveals an unexpected plot twist.  An unforeseen change that stemmed from a promise made to him on the day Bre brought him into her life.  The promise that she had heard his cry for help, knew he was a healer, and that she was going to do everything possible to make that happen.  Neither of them knew what would be asked of them less than a year down the road.  And neither knew how through their story they would help others heal.

Since last August, when all of this occurred, I’ve been inspired by Bre and Max to take a look into my life.  What am I holding onto and love that is time to let go?  How can I learn to release any conditions I might have around the love I share with others so that it is truly unconditional?  And it is through this that I’m finding greater power in releasing attachments and conditions and allowing things to be as they are.  Granted, it’s not often easy, and there are times I struggle, yet the rewards are as joy-filled as seeing Max run across the arena for the sheer joy of running, whinnying at the top of his lungs, and knowing he is happy and fulfilling his purpose.

How can you harness the power of unconditional love in your life?

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  1. I am inspired by this story and at a similar junction ~ thanks!


    • Diana Gogan says:

      Holly, it is definitely an interesting place that demands much of us, yet rewards with gifts greatter than we can imagine.  Riight?  Sending much love and support to you, knowing life you will move through this experience with grace, wisdom, and beauty. 

  2. Sally Baker says:

    Thank you for writing such a lovley and inspiring story Diana Gogan!

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