An Unexpected Exchange

Yesterday at the Animal Reiki Share we had a small group, which provides an opportunity to talk and share more within the group. Those attending were fairly new to energy healing and Reiki, and in the previous shares had been getting their “sea legs” or “Reiki legs” so to speak. Learning what energy felt like, how to connect with animals, and how to share the energy.

During our time with the horses at Luv Shack Horse Rescue, Christina experienced the energy being given back to her as she was sending it. The natural flow of give and take as the horse reciprocated in the energy exchange. Beverly also indicated she was experiencing the same. Is that possible?

Most definitely YES! If you’ve been close to animals yourself, you probably know how healing and giving they can be. They sense when you are down or not feeling well. Often simply spending time with an animal will lift your spirits and make you feel better. Numerous studies have been done reporting the positive effects animals have on depressed or sick people. Therapy animals are successfully used in many different programs in hospitals, psychiatric wards, hospice, and nursing homes just to name a few.

With this in mind, can you imagine the increased awareness of the animals healing energy when sharing Reiki with them?

I frequently hear comments like Christina and Beverly’s from Animal Reiki Share attendees and Reiki students alike. Completely amazed at what they experience when working with the animals. It is commonly said at our Reiki Shares that often we leave having received just as much from the horses as we gave.

This type of experience often changes the way people think of Reiki in regards to animals. It removes doubt, fear that they will not be able to connect with the animal, and uncertainty of not being able to speak or communicate with the animal. Experiences like this instill confidence of what is possible within a Reiki session, expands one’s heart and mind far beyond any limitations we may have placed on Reiki, and helps connect one to the Whole – the world and everything in and surrounding it.

Personally there are many times I’m working with an animal that I feel shifts and changes within me, which I’m certain are affects of the energy being shared by the animal I’m working with. I remember feeling the energy exchange for the first time and having tears of joy stream down my face as I basked in the energy and love of the moment. It’s an experience that changed my Reiki practice forever. It deepened my experience and connection with the animals and helped me remove some very limiting beliefs I had about my Reiki practice.

I’m often asked by people why they aren’t feeling this or how long it will take to experience this type of energy exchange. The only answer I can give is that when you are ready it will happen. This may happen the first time you share energy healing with an animal or it may be a while. (For me it was the later.) Continue practicing with faith, unconditional love, and most of all without placing restrictions on your Reiki practice. Then it will happen.

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