About Fire Horse Ranch

FIRE HORSE RANCH is located in the beautiful Sonoran desert foothills north of Phoenix, Arizona.  Surrounded by nature, wild life, and our world famous sunsets, there is much to do and experience.  Here women and horses moving through life transitions come together to heal and learn; to embrace their truth, strength, and passion for life.

At Fire Horse Ranch transitions are seen as opportunities.  Women and animals gain forward momentum, grow, and embrace life by trusting in life itself.  You’ll discover you’re not alone.  There’s no need to feel afraid or anxious about changing life roles, patterns, and beliefs.  Your feelings are valued as natural, honest, and truthful.

Whether you’re ready to take baby steps or big leaps, you’ll find the confidence and strength to embrace life, both now and on the other side of transition.  The personal and group experiences awaiting you will comfortably support you as you move through transition.

There are many opportunities to connect with horses and nature to create balance and stability.  Both will teach and guide you, providing profound moments of learning and awareness without saying a word.

Come immerse yourself in the magic and healing.  You’ll leave feeling restored and renewed!

Hope to see you at the Ranch soon!

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The FHR Gang

Meet the Fire Horse Ranch Gang. Here you’ll find stories of life transition – loss, neglect, being misunderstood, happiness, friendship, and belonging, just to name a few.  Each of us has stories of transformation that have shaped our lives and brought us together.  And, each of us bring our strengths and lessons learned to Fire Horse Ranch to teach, heal and lead in our own individual way.

life transitions coach

Diana Gogan is an Spiritual Life Coach and Wayfinder.  With her insight, intuition, and understanding she’ll masterfully guide you into greater depths of yourself.  Through empowering interaction with horses and nature you’ll find a strengthen connection to your dreams and desires.

When working with Diana there will be times she’ll walk beside you, times she’ll lead the way, and other times she’ll support you from behind; cheering you on and celebrating your triumphs.  She holds a space and standard that will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

With 20-years professional experience in banking and information technology, Diana knows first-hand the importance and need for balance between a successful career, nurturing your soul, and creating a fulfilling life of joy and peace. 

In 2004 she stepped away from her traditional career to pursue her own dreams, develop her gifts, and follow a heart-inspired path of education.  Through the years of learning new skills, doing her own personal work, and assisting others on their path, she offers a unique and powerful experience for her clients. 

Diana is an NLP Master Coach, Equine Professional, and Reiki Master/Teacher.  Combining coaching, equine assisted activities, spiritual awareness, and energy work, her clients often achieve goals faster than with other conventional methods.  She blends the energy and wisdom of working with nature and animals into a multi-sensory experience that speaks to your heart, mind, and spirit – all at the same time. 

Diana’s confidence, integrity, and compassion are what draw women from all around the world to work with her at Fire Horse Ranch.  Fire Horse Ranch is her home and continually evolving dream in the northern foothills of Phoenix, AZ.

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Butler is an off-track Thoroughbred who was 300 lbs. underweight and had all but given up on life when he was rescued. He didn't want to lift his head or even look at you. Today Butler is healthy, happy, and full of life. He's learning to be himself and to be loved for who he is, not what he does. Not one to let you be down or in a bad mood for long, he thinks it's his personal mission to make you smile and laugh. As the ranch clown you never know what he’s going to do next!

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Princess is a Missouri Foxtrotter who live up to her name. She can come out of one of our famous monsoon storms just as white as before the storm, yet at the same time loves a good roll in fresh mud!. She came to live with us when her close equine friend suddenly passed away. Her owner didn’t want her to be alone and so she came to be a valued part of our herd. She is a loving mare that connects with you at your heart, and gives perfect horse hugs. Princess is fortunate to have always been well taken care of, for which we are grateful. Like many of us, she’s known loss of close friends and companions. One of her talents—she's the ranch escape artist! On March 3, 2017 Princess earned her wings. She touched many lives and left behind an amazing legacy. She is forever a part of our herd and continues her work in spirit.


Max is a full grown miniature horse whose heart and spirit are far greater than his physical presence might indicate.  He is also deaf, yet doesn't let that stop him for living full out and enjoying all life has to offer!  He loves to run and play and his high pitched whinny instantly brings a smile to your heart.  Max came to FIre Horse Ranch because his former owner knew what his purpose was to work with people to become better versions of themselves.  Her unconditional love for him was great enough to find  him a place where he could thrive in his life calling – and he does!

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Maddie was left at the door of a local horse rescue with her litter mates. She quickly won our hearts and came to live with us at only a couple months old. She's fun loving, loves to run and play, and will lighten your heart. Her favorite spot is “her” swimming pool in the summer months.


Niki had a rough start in life.  Taken off the street with a litter of eight 2-week old pups she was quickly put on the euthanize list because of her high anxiety and fear.  A local rescue, A Dog's Tale, saw her plight and rescued Niki and her 8 pups.  She came to us as a foster after her pups were old enough to be weaned.  Of course we fell in love with her and quickly welcomed her as part of our family.  She is learning to trust people and situations.  Being part of a loving family who cares for her is a big transition, as she hadn't experienced kindenss or caring in the past.  Maddie has taken her under her wings to teach her how to be a dog, and to relax and enjoy life.  A bit timid at first, she quickly warms up and will give you a nudge with her nose. 


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