One Reiki Students Experience

In talking to people about Energy Healing and what it takes to learn Reiki I often hear that people believe it takes years to develop the ability. And while years of practice at anything does improve your skills, even a beginning student can, and often will, have a profound moment when they feel the energy and see it’s effect on others.

Yesterday in the Reiki I class I taught we learned about the system of Reiki, as well as practicing various techniques, self-treatments, and working with others. By the end of the day, even those who at first experience ‘nothing’ as we began to practice Reiki had moments where they felt or experience the energy working through them.

Last night I received an email from one of the students in class that day and thought I’d share it with you.

My husband and I pulled up to our house after leaving the Reiki I class this afternoon. He had asked me questions about what the session was about and had let me know several times he was only interested in what healing he could receive from the Reiki.

Bill’s hand was in intense pain from arthritis and having worked on the Honda all day replacing the compressor. As we started to go into the house I was thinking to myself, “Let me get set up before I attempt Reiki on him.” The distress he was in though, gave me second thoughts and I said, “Here, give me your hand.”

Lo and behold as I held his hand and prayed to be used for his healing, and started visualizing the energy, I FELT IT! (the energy, that is) in my hands and lower arms! It was “heavy” and tingly and constant and was there almost immediately.

I held his hand and Reiki flowed on and off for a couple minutes. He said it felt better when we were done. I tried to be alert to what other factors were occurring, but honestly it felt good just to be feeling the energy and attempting the practice.”

Reiki opens the door to new possibilities and opportunities in the world around us. I’m confident in saying that the students in my Reiki I class yesterday have many wonderful opportunities and experiences that await them by simply being open to the gift of healing within.

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