Take the Next Step in Your Evolution at Fire Horse Ranch

Life is a series of cycles, transitions, and choices.

Are you ready to:

  • Move beyond where you are now? 
  • Be the change in your life, rather than life changing you?
  • Put life and breath back into your dreams and desires?
  • Feel firmly planted on the life path of your choice?
  • Redefine life on your terms?

At Fire Horse Ranch you'll:

  • Discover new ways of being passion driven instead of duty and responsibility driven
  • Create a new heartset and mindset, that are aligned and work in tandem to make the next level of leadership and success possible.
  • Experience first hand the subtle shifts of energy and action that directly influence people around you.
  • Tame the doubts, fears, old beliefs, and uncertainty to become supportive patterns, habits, thoughts, and energy that breed clarity and confidence.
  • Reconnect with the balancing and healing energy of nature, animals, and the most powerful energy of all – the energy of your soul

What do people discover and experience at Fire Horse Ranch? Click on the picture below and learn more.

Don't put it off.  NOW IS THE TIME to create and be the change you desire!

**NEW**  Free & Clear Program

Break Free  • End Disruptive Cycles  •  Stop Unconscious Sabotage

Do you find yourself working to change, only to end up back at the same place you began?

Are there cycles in your life that continually repeat, despite your best efforts to change them?

Is there something you know deep within you’re here to do, but you can’t seem to get it together to do it?

We all have dreams we aspire to achieve. However, these bigger dreams cannot be built on an old foundation infused with disruptive cycles, behaviors, and beliefs. Rebuilding on the same foundation generates more of the same results.

What if I told you laying a strong foundation won’t take years of personal work? In fact, it can happen in just a few weeks. Would that interest you?

The Free & Clear Program is private, personal, and creates amazing outcomes. You’ll experience immediate, lasting, and repeatable results.

Learn more here.


What can equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) do for you?  Read our articles published in Natural Horse Magazine and learn why working with horses is a transformational experience.

The Whisper of a Horse,  June 2013

Healing with Horses, October 2014


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